Carol Curtis

Installin' Away

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It's Geek Heaven in Gunnings Alley

One downtown Sandpoint location is a magnet for geeks ... Full story

Sandpoint puts a LID on Improvement

LID creation a cornerstone in downtown revitalization ... Full story

Cancer Patients Get Local Care

Dr. Alan Grosset is the first step in a local cancer care facility ... Full story

Designing a Downtown

On Friday, July 19, 2002, the SBA hosted an open house at La Quinta Inn. It was an opportunity to met the volunteer, Governor-selected representatives ... Full story

On the Road to Revitalization

Amongst the many challenges to economic development is that of maintaining community focus. Generally, the topic is associated with actions and achievements so arduously slow ... Full story

The Art of Politics

Tolerance to be unveiled ... Full story

Judge for Yourself

Becoming informed about judicial races is critical ... Full story

A Voting Primer

    If you have ever conducted an interview and hired someone, then you know firsthand how difficult this task can be. On the surface it ... Full story