Ernie Hawks

Things That Go Bump

Nocturnal visitors at the Hawk's Nest ... Full story

Just Waiting

The Navy jets streak low overhead in a tight formation, creating a screaming, rolling thunder across the partly cloudy sky. It is not a sound ... Full story

Ghost Dogs

It's a busy walk to the mailbox, out at the Hawk's Nest ... Full story

A Rendezvous with Energy

A story of today's teens ... Full story

Changing Lives

When we came to the fork in the trail it had just started raining. As Linda pulled the hood of her raincoat up she eyed ... Full story

Surprises in Kill Devil Hill

The Hawk's Nest heads to the eastern seaboard ... Full story

Sacred Service and Sacred Receiving

It goes both ways at the Hawk's Nest ... Full story


Ernie has a lot to look forward to at the Hawk's Nest ... Full story

Breath: A Gift of Nature

To receive this gift from nature, one has only to get out IN nature. ... Full story