Lawrence Fury

The Anthology Edition, Part 2

More Shorts from the Valley of Shadows ... Full story

What "They" May Have Done, plus Bigfoot

An anthology edition of the Valley of Shadows ... Full story

Paddling in the Pend Oreille

What lurks in the lake at the heart of the Valley of Shadows? ... Full story

Strange Accounts from North Idaho Part 2

“And as I try to make my way to the ordinary world ... Every world ... any world is my world.” Duran Duran A logger in ... Full story

Strange Accounts From North Idaho

Dopplegangers in the Valley of Shadows ... Full story

The Phantom Fisherman

A ghostly boater in the Valley of Shadows ... Full story

The Neighborhood Vampire?

A bloodless-looking wife raises questions amongst the townspeople in the Valley of Shadows ... Full story

The Imps of Sandpoint

Almost 30 years ago, there was something odd down by Memorial Field ... Full story

The Depression House

Was this a house haunted by the anguish of one left behind? ... Full story

The House on Nine Mile Road

Does the bootlegger still hang out at his old house in North Spokane? ... Full story

Author info

Lawrence Fury Lawrence Fury is an inveterate letter-to-the-editor writer, and a conservative conscience for this area of North Idaho. He's also an expert on local ghost stories, and is compiling a group of them for future book publication. You can read more about him in a Love Notes feature for the River Journal

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