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Fishing with Uncle Bud

A new book introduces you to Lake Pend Oreille through the eyes of a confirmed fisherman ... Full story

Swine Flu in North Idaho-No More Pokes

Three people, three stories. In the first, No More Pokes, he's one of the statistics, but the news is good ... Full story

Friend or Foe

Will the little-known walleye hurt kokanee in Lake Pend Oreille, or co-exist well enough to constitute a sports fishery of their own? No one knows. ... Full story

Strong Feelings on All Sides About Hunting Wolves

One side wants to kill wolves, one to protect; they both think the agency charged with managing Idaho's wolves is on the wrong track. ... Full story

Giving up too much of a good thing?

Planned land exchange concerns some area residents ... Full story

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