Scott Clawson

Christmas Dinner

Few things inspire memories like your own children. One spring day, long ago, while helping me repair the garden fence after my tiller finished with it, ... Full story

Got Tat, Too?

Before I go on, let me say this: tattoos can be pretty cool, but for a few minor details. Roughly a thousand years ago, as I ... Full story

Great Bales of Fire!

Funny things you might see on the road in North Idaho ... Full story

Good-Bye, Boots

Here I sit, so deeply grieved By the passing of a man I’ve always believed The best illustrator and funny bone baiter Of our lives and experiences weaved   His ... Full story

Fool's Gold

He awoke easy, not with a start like he often did, having two older brothers.  Poking his nine-year-old nose through the split in the curtained window ... Full story

Lump it or Leave It

On GMOs and big corporations ... Full story

Playin' in the Dirt

I’ve always enjoyed getting dirty; I have an affinity for it, really. First as a toddler anointing myself profoundly and impressing my mom no end, ... Full story

One Armedness

Normally it doesn’t take me very long to spill out a thousand words or so, given plenty of elbow room—say, around lunchtime at a construction ... Full story

Droning Along

I see a few changes comin’ around.There’s drones in the air and troops on the ground.    So many eyes in the sky, you need not ... Full story

Trunks for the Memories

A lot of things bring back memories and March is no exception! Along with its usual delivery of cling-on mud, standing water, returning and somewhat ... Full story