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Save the Crazy for Later

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I am now officially tired of it I am now officially tired of it

Politically Incorrect

I am sick of winter, sick of snow, sick of mud, sick of the poor economy, sick of what I read in the news every day... and I am not alone. I’m not sure what the reason is, but almost everyone I talk to is feeling the same way. We’re irritated, frustrated, pessimistic and really, really, really want the sun to come out and stay for a while.

“What is it that has you so irritated?” you say. Why, thank you so much for asking.

First, there’s cops. Yes, I do appreciate the almost-always fine job our local police and sheriff’s deputies do and yes, I do tend to hold them to a higher standard. So when they screw up, it irritates me. And Deputy “X”, when you were out in Clark Fork during our alumni tournament, you irritated me plenty. So much so that weeks later, I’m still irritated. So here’s a message to those of you screw-ups who wear a badge: you are doing a disservice to the 99.9 percent of our local officers who do a great job by leading the public to believe you’re all just a bunch of dumb jerks. To quote our former President Bush (believe me, I don’t do that very often): you’re either with us or against us. And being against us is a very bad choice, indeed. Arrogance is not actually a part of your job description.

As long as I’m making people angry here, let me go after the Bonner County Republican party, and the letter they sent to the Idaho legislature requesting an investigation of the connection between Tom Luna and Bill Gates. (If you haven’t seen this letter, look for the pdf to the right of this story.)

Seriously, are you teabaggers just total nincompoops? I’m guessing there’s some of you living wild and off your meds but this Anne Chamberlain chick—I have a scary suspicion that she sees herself as some modern-day Joan of Arc, letting the voices lead her into war. (Pssst, Anne... I heard those laptops that Luna’s gonna get from Bill Gates are gonna be equipped with needles so that when the kids type on ‘em, they’ll get vaccinated! Better jump on that one quick!)

I’ve known members of Idaho’s Republican party for years and, while we might not have always agreed on some political issues, very few ever reminded me of a character out of Alice and Wonderland. It’s time for the reasonable Republicans (and I know there’s still lots of them out there) to clean house. If these people do not promote your values, they should not be a part of your party. Let ‘em get their own.

Lest you think I’m not an equal-opportunity kinda gal, let me get a little bashing in on the left, as well.

There is a certain someone in our community facing a diagnosis of breast cancer. Believe me, I understand how frightening it is to get that kind of news, so please hear the following as “shooting the message” and not as “shooting the messenger.”

This particular person has decided to treat this breast tumor with ‘alternative’ methods. All well and good—I’m a firm believer that people have the right to choose to do whatever they want with their very own body. I support the right to choose an abortion, a same-sex marriage or relationship, and multiple body art/piercings (as long as you’re not a child of mine under the age of 18). 

This particular alternative treatment can do some truly frightening things to your body but it’s “natural.” (So are daffodils, but you’re not gonna catch me eating the bulbs any time soon.)

Again, all well and good. If you want to rot away parts of your body in the magical hope that it will make your cancer go away, that’s your right. 

But wait. This lady is blogging about her experience, and encouraging other women to consider this as a viable treatment for breast cancer. And that’s where she crosses a line.

So when I was asked to share what she was doing, I said no. Sorry, but I’m not going to promote something that will not only not help people who may need help, it may do some truly terrible things to them.

Let the freak out begin. My refusal was “close-minded,” I was told to “step off my high horse,” and told that by not ‘supporting’ this choice, I was “negating” the “battles [women have fought] for the right to control our own bodies!”

Baloney. Let me say here I do not believe in “teaching the controversy.” Not all opinions carry equal weight and are deserving of promotion. By that standard, we should be teaching students in history that because “some people” think the Holocaust never occurred it might not have happened, our science students that “some people” think the moon landing was fake so therefore we might never have gone to space, and our English students that “some people” think intellectualism is bad, so go ahead and write without understanding spelling or grammar and no one will think you’re a dimwit.

So crazy resides on both sides of the political spectrum and they came together with a bang in our recent experiences with radiation from a nuke in Japan where the back-ups of the back-ups of the back-ups failed to work.

Uh, just in case you didn’t know, there is no safe level of radiation. Radiation does harm to the body’s cells. It does a great deal of harm, in even very small doses, to babies in the womb, and there’s a heckuva lot of scientific studies that back that up.

Every one of us is exposed to a certain amount of radiation in our daily lives; granite, for example, is a radiation emitter, so if you live around granite (like, say, in mountains) you’re getting a certain amount of radiation every day that does some level of harm to your body. Same thing if you ever go out in the sunshine, which I really hope to do in the not-too-far future.

We’re also exposed to so-called ‘background’ radiation that’s not really background at all, but instead is a now ‘normal’ level due to the disposal of radioactive waste around the country.

A ride on an airplane will expose you to radiation, dental x-rays and CT scans expose you to radiation, and if you get diagnosed with cancer (and don’t treat it with woo-medicine), you may well be exposed to radiation as well.

The important thing is that if you are educated about risk, you can at least  choose whether or not the risks of exposure are worth the benefits of whatever it is that’s exposing you.

I’m not going to go into the massive risks imposed by spent fuel pools like the ones at the Dai-ichi nuke plant in Fukushima, but all 104 of our own nuke plants has at least one of them right here in the U.S. just jam-packed full. They would be marginally safer if that spent fuel was encased in concrete casks, as has been recommended—but we decided that wasn’t cost effective or necessary for safety. By we, of course, I don’t mean me. Score one for the capitalist cretins there.

We can’t talk about Fukushima without talking about the thousands of nitwits in the U.S. who bought up iodine in order to ‘protect’ themselves from plutonium.

Um... treating radioactive plutonium poisoning is very time- and dose-specific. All you morons out there shoveling down the iodine are not only likely poisoning yourself... you’re probably not even protecting yourself at all! But hey, at least you’re helping to ensure that if people do need that iodine, it won’t be available.

Of course, I believe in and do stupid things myself, so who am I to talk, right? Well, I guess I don’t have enough patience to deal with your stupidity on top of my own. So do us all a favor and hold the crazy inside ‘til the sun starts shining again.

Trish Gannon is publisher of the River Journal, and generally the Calm Center of Tranquility, but she and columnist Sandy Compton have made a deal that they will take alternating months and rant about various forms of human stupidity. And don’t expect a change in the weather to change that.


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