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Say What?

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You want your new best friends to trust you and what you say, knowing all the while only one person is going to win and that had better not be them.

There is no question about the influence of TV on our society. The tube has had a profound affect on all aspects of our daily lives. How the impact is measured is to some extent an individual matter. What influences one guy doesn’t mean a thing to another. Critical opinion is all over the board except that ratings are accepted as the true measure of popularity and the best places to put your advertising dollar.

Public Broadcasting is supposedly the only way to better serve the viewing public. Higher standards (whatever that means) are intended to offer the viewing public better fare (whatever that means). Anyway, whether the program is available with or without commercials, there are some programs that make you wonder. My favorite, aired with commercials, is Survivor.

Accept that what you watch does affect your reasoning. As an example, some of the cop shows have made forensic a more common word .Twenty years ago you would have looked it up to see just what the term means. These days it is being applied to all sorts of things because it implies there is a new method at large to solve crime.

But Survivor isn’t about solving heinous crime; it’s about how to win by use of deception, deceit and lies.(DDL). Considering that between our politicians and sleazy advertising there is plenty of DDL to go around, it is strange that we need a TV program to promote the practice . My Okie colleagues had a another term which I think is quite descriptive - “side stepping and high jumping.” Kinda of what you need to do when walking through a verbal mine field.

So to “keep the dream alive” Survivor is going into is 18th season. That’s the bad news. The good news was that you all could audition for a part in the play. It is sort of ironic that an Indian tribe would be sponsoring the event. In case you missed it, the event was in Worley, at the Casino. Isn’t that where there are already quite a few losers? If you win at the tables that may be an omen.

If you are of the female persuasion you know what are considered promotable assets so choose your garments carefully. Leave your prom dress home. Same goes for dress shoes. A quick trip to the local Goodwill is a great place to enhance your wardrobe. Remember, looking desperate, tired and on the verge of collapse is part of the game. Make-up is a consideration

The same suggestions apply to the men. If you have the body of a god by all means share it with the world. James did that to great effect. If you have never worn the right sized shoes you will be right at home running barefoot. So much for the video. If your mother told you to respect women you can put that bit of manners on hold .

The audio is going to require you to practice verbal sincerity. It is a well established fact that before the knife is inserted between the should blades of your buddy, there must be a lot of admiration. If you are not acquainted with this idea just watch Obama praise Clinton. On the way to the underside of the bus her virtues are extolled., ad nauseum (L. barf)

Of course, the name of the game in Survivor is to mislead. You want your new best friends to trust you and what you say, knowing all the while only one person is going to win and that had better not be them. This is where the side stepping and high jumping comes in. Be sure to have your moves down for the audition. It helps to practice at home with some musical accompaniment. Strings work best.

Telling the lie requires some practice unless you have a genetic flair for it. The big problem as we all know is that the facial expression has to support the message. If you look shifty that is an area you need to work on. Practice looking a total stranger in the eye, all the while telling them that the bridge is for sale. Give some thought to the fact that in the tropics you may be swatting all manner of insects as you deliver your carefully thought out deception.

It will help your audition if you have practiced sidling up to strangers with hushed messages. Sabotage is an accepted procedure when things are not going as you wished. That was well known in the other ‘reality’ show called the “Great Race.”

And finally, remember to keep your eye on the ball. The million bucks they hand you in the studio represents a prize not for outlasting the other characters, but out-foxing ( term selected for G-13 rating) them. It’s a ‘dog eat dog’ world out there and there is no big prize for being nice. And don’t forget that no matter what your dear mother taught you, there is something to be said for being deceptive. It must be so or why would so many people want to watch it?

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