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The Cheap Seats

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What if, for just a minute, everyone stepped out of the conformity of their everyday lives and did exactly what they thought was right?

The epiphany, "wow, life is short" hits everyone at some point in their lives. Of course the circumstances are always different. Sometimes it comes when you are watching your retirement fund melting away at 40 or sometimes it’s when you see a plane crash. It doesn’t matter how or when this painfully true statement hits you, it usually comes at a time that is least expected and at the worst time imaginable.

With luck, you will use this to your advantage. You will pick the ‘extremely hot’ over the ‘mild’ sauce, you will jump naked into the river, and you might even loosen the purse strings a bit and buy an over-priced sports car.

But alas, the age-old instinct of fear sets back in after a few days and you step back in to your old conservative day-to-day activities. You are wearing the same Halloween costume you’ve worn to every costume party for the past five years, you are using the same coffee blends, and you are taking the same insane orders from your boss you’ve taken since were promised that promotion.

But that’s just the thing that I was pondering the other day. The phrase caught me off guard and in the worst way just a few weeks ago. Now, while I haven’t done anything rash and/or insane (like arson), I have started to hopscotch around the path I’ve been following. I am traveling in the same general direction but there is some skipping here and some graceful leaps there.

Of course, I am prepared for the euphoria to end, but what if it didn’t? What if, for just a minute, everyone stepped out of the conformity of their everyday lives and did exactly what they thought was right? If they wrote a letter to their estranged relative, learned a new hobby... heck, just admitted they were wrong or debated that you were right? I mean, wouldn’t everyone be happier? Isn’t the secret to success being happy with what you’ve got?

How can anyone be happy, even contented, if they don’t like the situation they find themselves in? So therefore, based on the theory of success, very few people are able to reach that goal. We do what we’re told and keep quiet, taking opportunity for granted and we fear the unknown, always playing by the rules, hence keeping the ‘average Joe’ just average. I think that we should, at least every now and again, step out of our daily schedules to take a few spontaneous risks to liven up our lives. After all, they are short.

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Hanna Hurt Hanna Hurt was a student at Clark Fork High School with an interest in film when she wrote for the River Journal. She is now a student at the University of Idaho

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