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On the eve of my launch into the world, you just gotta laugh

I was sitting in Economics class the other day, just learning away, and all of a sudden, my mind went, “hey!”

Sorry for that rhyming bit, but that really was how it all went down. I was sitting in class and we were discussing the world today and you know what? It’s not a very inspiring picture. As a senior, somewhere in the back recesses of your mind you realize that this is the last year that you are safe and sheltered from the inner workings of the adult-mentoring, systematic, community/socioeconomic drift and what not and so forth. Of course, this will be the year, right on the edge of a huge economic shift, in which I get tossed into the world (shot out of a cannon, more like). It can be either exciting or it could be a complete disaster... either way it’s fun, yeah? Don’t believe me? I guess it is a matter of perception, but hear me out.

All you see in the news these days is bad news, but it’s generally laughable. Take, for instance, this car bailout situation. Every day you’ve got some new twist, some new sparkly piece sprinkled over the situation. First, flying in on private jets (nobody likes that), then Ford’s position which deserved a good pat on the back, now it looks likely they’ll get a bailout, oh, wait! Now we don’t want to give them a penny. This seesawing tug-of-war stuff is making me dizzy. I just read something on MSNBC.com that stated the North and South are colliding on the issue as they did during the Civil War years. If that’s not humorous then I don’t know what is. It is headline news each time one of these car makers sneezes in negotiation. We even give them a title—The Big Three—like they’re crime-fighting super-heroes and not corporate clones. When will the government understand its own Free-Enterprise system?

Ah, yes, there really is no business like show business. Of course, that’s only one story that is covered daily like some sort of serial daytime soap opera. How about the excessive Obama coverage? At the time I write this, President-elect Obama has not been in office a single day, yet he is getting badgered and praised from all angles for his policies and even his social and physical attributes. If it’s not color, it’s upbringing. If it’s none of those it’s completely obscure stories like “Mr. Obama, who are you wearing? You look fabulous!” I suppose you can’t blame everyone for the majority of this publicity. I will agree it is a pivotal moment in history. I guess everyone is just excited, I mean, we won’t have to hear many more speeches in an exaggerated southern drawl, complete with pauses in between every other word and open-mouth gaping. For those of you who will miss this, I am sure someone will make a George W. drawstring doll. It would be great fun, but I doubt it would be a very educational toy. Grammar alone would probably knock it off the Fisher Price product list.

No, we really can’t get much worse than where we are now, economically. With hope, Obama can throw us a little stepping stool so as we can climb out of this hole, but really, we should wait and see how he reacts inside the Oval Office before we light the torches.

So, there you have it, a summary of breaking news in America this week. Of course, there are the odds and ends; the scandals, the stock market, the riots and the demonstrations, foreclosures, depression, recession, bankruptcy and even pirates! I guess the days of water-skiing squirrels in the news are long gone. You may now understand my concern about being thrown into the middle of this mess next year. Assuming a ‘business as usual’ attitude could be explosive, though. It doesn’t look like a good year for business. I guess in the end, you have to laugh to keep yourself from losing your mind. 

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Hanna Hurt Hanna Hurt was a student at Clark Fork High School with an interest in film when she wrote for the River Journal. She is now a student at the University of Idaho

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