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Say What?

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Still looking for answers

As we begin a new year I have several unanswered questions from last year.

As a market watcher I pay attention to what the so-called experts on economics have to say. As the crisis worsened there seemed to be an ongoing question about whether or not we were in a  recession. As late as October that determination had not been made. Then around December first we are told that we have been in a recession all year.

Q. Who makes such decisions and where have they been?

As a long time driver in Sandpoint I have observed that over the years the curb lining the northeast corner of Fifth and Pine has been slowly but surely eroding. The big trucks following U.S. 2 seem to always manage to run over the curb. When that part of the intersection was re-done in conjunction with the Panhandle State Bank’s off-site parking, I thought surely the radius would be eased.  Not so. When a log truck overturned on December fifth, it probably was tipped because it ran up on the curb.

Q. Why didn’t the powers that be recognize the problem and fix it?

Now that gasoline prices have eased and Joe the Plumber can do his job without the crushing burden of high priced gas, that is a little sunshine in an otherwise bleak picture. There could have been some help earlier if the federal and state taxes on gasoline had been lowered. So now  prices are down and the old SUVs are being dusted off. Things are more like normal, whatever that is.

Q. So why does Governor Otter think it’s time to restore the pain of higher gas prices by raising the gasoline  tax?

As the crisis deepens it is apparent that revenues from us taxpayers will fall. State, county and other entities will have to re-examine their budgets. The operative term is shortfall. You would think it timely to review some proposed expenditures.

Q. Why doesn’t the Governor plug a 90-million-dollar-plus hole by putting off the so called Byway?

One of the bad things about paint that comes in spray cans is that it can be mis-used. I have had my experience with plugged nozzles and too much paint but I seldom paint things that shouldn’t be painted.

Q. Where in the hell do these punks that put graffiti in public places come from?

 Bailing out the economy is an ongoing subject. I don’t believe there is any joy in seeing someone fail unless you have long felt the guy selling you a car was some sort of enemy. There is no question but that our domestic automobile industry in trouble. They need to do something to get right.

Q. Why should Sam Six-Pack, who makes $15 an hour (no benefits) bail out a UAW worker who makes $74 an hour (including benefits)?

During the past Presidential cycle every candidate endorsed solutions to the energy problem including building all sources and eliminating coal-fired plants. Obama comes along, now that the election is over, and  purportedly likes a guy as Secretary of the Interior from Oregon who wants to breach the dams on the lower Snake River.

Q. How on earth can anyone believe that breaching a hydro electric plant is a step in the right direction?

At year’s end the funny guys recycle all the fruit cake jokes. Makes you wonder whose fruit cake they have been exposed to. I, for one, like the fruit cake my wife makes and when that fails there is a plant in Texas, Collins Street Bakery, that also  makes good fruit cakes. If you still want to be part of the anti-fruit cake crowd it is because you have not added enough ‘sauce.’ Duh

Q. What in the world is wrong with fruit cake?

Let’s get better. Happy New Year.

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Paul Rechnitzer Paul Rechnitzer Transplanted 30 years ago, Paul is a retiree from the oil business who knows no other place he would rather live and breathe local history.

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