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Letter to the editor from John Middlemiss, Trout Creek, Mont.

35,000 homeless living in the streets of Kansas City alone. One city.

"Labour is more valuable than capital, because labour precedes capital." By Abraham Lincoln. While we can, as many do, survive without capital, no living thing can survive without labour. Regardless of how much capital that individual entity may possess. So the fact that the top one percent of the U.S. population owns more wealth than does the bottom 90 percent and apprehends 55 percent of all annual U.S. income, while paying less than 10 percent of U.S. taxes is, at the very least, sociopathic.

In 2010 Exxon-Mobil paid zero income tax. While at the same time over 50 million have zero health care, 45,000 die yearly due to lack of health care, millions are losing their homes and having to split up their families. One half of the once middle class are now in the ranks of the working poor, if employed at all.

And how do our representatives deal with these atrocities? By cutting taxes and increasing loopholes for the megawealthy, and at the same time cutting entitlement programs for Main Street. Bashing unions and laying off public and private employees. And we mustn't forget "Citizens United" which gives corporations and/or the megawealthy the legal right to spend anonymously unlimited funds in our elections. As if the over 35,000 lobbyiests already bring our representatives on behalf of the overpriveledged weren't bad enough?

Why is the word underpriveledged in our dictionaries, but not the word overpriveledged? Can we really have one without the other? Who decides what goes in our study books anyway? Especially history?

Let's roll back the Reagan tax cuts and put these sociopathic corporate moguls and banksters in prison where they belong. Make "Abraham Lincoln" proud by re-regulating in favor of the people that which has been de-regulated in favor of the corporate oligopoly.

John F. Middlemiss

Trout Creek, MT

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