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Strange Accounts from North Idaho Part 2

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“And as I try to make my way to the ordinary world ... Every world ... any world is my world.” Duran Duran

A logger in 1960s Priest Lake country, by himself of course, swore to his fellows once back at their camp that he had seen what appeared to him to be a woman—not a hairy, female Bigfoot, but a woman—on the plain side in looks, wearing a simple, duster-like dress, walking through a sparse stand of trees about a hundred feet away. Her hair was tied up in a bun and he noticed earrings. While this was strange enough, seeing a stereotypical housewife out in the middle of the woods, what made it noteworthy was that she was at least ten feet tall. After shaking himself out of his amazement, he had called out to her, but the huge female acted as if she hadn’t heard. She eventually passed behind a clump of trees and vanished. Was she an inhabitant of another reality, where the scale of things was a little larger than our corner of the multiverse?

The logger’s companions, of course, never stopped teasing him about his girlfriend, especially about a few parts in particular.

Another unusual sighting, from what I gather was the late ‘70s, involves a hunter who, one fall afternoon east of Bonners Ferry near the Montana line, was about ready to pack it in for the day. Suddenly, he saw movement in the brush behind a rock outcropping. Sure enough, a large buck came in sight, but the animal was already spooked by something and suddenly jumped down an embankment and disappeared into the brush. Hot on its tail appeared a large cat, which the hunter, naturally, thought at first to be a large cougar.

The predator paused, seemingly confused at something as he sniffed the air. It then turned and looked right at the hunter, about 50 feet away. At that moment, the late afternoon October sun suddenly came from behind a cloud and the hunter saw the animal was unlike any cougar—or, for that matter, large cat—he had ever seen or heard of.

The head was overly large and the eyes were too far apart. But the most startling thing was the dark, tiger-like stripes on otherwise tan fur, on the front half of the animal. The hind quarters had markings that faded to a burnt orange coloring, with large dark spots like those of a leopard. After what was probably only a few seconds, but what seemed to my source like an eternity, the cat turned and jumped into the brush, back on the buck’s trail. Needless to say, the hunter turned tail and ran as best he could back to his pickup.

What was it, a cougar with genetic abnormalities? This was the 1970s, so the chances it could have been an escaped, human-modified animal seem unlikely.

However, it was in the late ‘70s that reports of the Chupacabra in Puerto Rico began to circulate. (The Chupacabra is said to be about the size of a small bear, with spines along its back, and a predilection for drinking blood.) Some think if it exists, that it is an escaped, mutant creature created for whatever purposes by some government agency. Or, if you have read several of my other columns, perhaps this mystery feline was an inhabitant of a parallel dimension.

Thank you for your interest in my February 2013 story about Dopplegangers. I have another story of these doubles to relate, but I hesitate to do so as it is one I was a part of myself. Perhaps it will be the subject of my final “Valley of Shadows” when the time comes; if so, I’d consider a fitting title to be “Doppleganger by Proxy.”

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