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Rich Means Upperclass?

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Paul defends those with money.

Since class warfare seems to be one of the tools the President is using to win votes it seems timely to take a closer look at the subject.

Are we talking about a well-to-do felon who was pardoned by President Clinton (Marc Rich ) as he walked out of the Oval Office? No.

Are we talking about that story you found hard to believe? (That is rich.) No.

Are we talking about the depth of color in a famous masterpiece? (Shades of red.) No.

Are we talking about getting you upset about the amount of money someone else has? Yes. 

Are we talking about a term the elitist liberals use to elevate themselves? Yes. 

So that is what class warfare is all about. Is $250,000.00 some sort of a magic number? Getting you so envious of other people who have more than you that you will vote for someone who is going to “sock it to them” as though that will improve your lot? In all my time on this earth I have always known that there were many people better off than I was. At the lowest level they rode the street car while I walked. If I envied them I was wasting my time because it was my problem to find the dime.

It is beyond shame to claim you are helping the underclass while penalizing a portion of the upper class. It is condescending at the very least. It does, however, give those in the upper class a warm and fuzzy feeling they are making things better for the less fortunate. When that warm and fuzzy feeling is gone there will be some other ‘cause’ equally deserving of liberal charity. After all, there is no bottom to the well entitlements are supposed to fill. 

As Americans I doubt there are many who begrudge helping those less fortunate. By the same token you are not spending a lot of time bemoaning the fact that there are many people who have more money/toys/resources than you do. It will always be that there is someone in your neighborhood who you consider more well-off than you. But you don’t let it bother you too much. After all, you watch “Keeping Up Appearances” and you feel Mrs Bucket has a real problem. If you think as she does, so do you. 

Unfortunately, the major premise behind socialism is that the playing field can be leveled so we will all be equal. In those societies that have tried that system there is always a lot of cream at the top and more people than ever at the bottom. The leaders manage to take good care of themselves in the name of socialism. Communism is very good for the elite and terrible for everyone else. When you begin designating or defining such a group as an upper class you are started down the road to a class dominated society

When you hear the term “middle class” you should realize that is a class warfare term. Who defines what class you are in unless you come from a society where class and caste dominate? Are tradesman middle class? Are factory workers middle class? Are professional types upper class?

There was a time when college graduates automatically tended to be headed toward the upper class but those days seem to be fading fast. Into what category do ordinary folks fall?

Looking up or down at your neighbors and fellow Americans is something we all do. It is called profiling. Does the fact that someone else is better off than you cause some pain? In most cases we don’t care that much. As a one time airplane owner I remember well that every airport had many aircraft far better than mine. While there are many airplane owners who have done quite well for themselves, there are probably more who find flying themselves around the country an expensive hobby.  Owning a boat is a somewhat similar scenario. So... I refuse to compare. . 

It is sinful to pit one class of tax payers against the others. If you like the $250K threshold remember it can become $200K in a flash. If you are one who is buying this “level playing field” baloney, take a good look at what those professional football players and basketball players are getting. A per game earnings can exceed the lifetime earnings of most of their followers. There are many other comparisons. Those of us without a Blackberry or iPhone while outclassed are content to live for another day

Now taxes should be equal with no free rides. While a percentage of income has overtones of the “ability to pay idea,” we seem to find that approach reasonable.  America was founded on the idea we were a classless society. The patriots had enough of the king and queen and the status attributed to those on the inside. Equality was found in that the same principle applied to all. 

If there is a middle class worth pandering to, there is also an underclass and an upper class. I, for one, have no intention of recognizing anyone as above or below me based on his net worth, the size of my home, my address or variation in my skin tone. I have known and worked with many men of great wealth, none of which caused me any envy or added respect. The men I had in my company during WWII had low IQs and came from poor circumstances and yet they were due my respect and regard.

This current exercise in class warfare is despicable. It is the height of hypocrisy and disrespectful. If you are accepting of this approach to solving our financial problems, let me suggest you move to Europe where everyone is class conscious and taxed to their eyeballs. Have a nice trip.

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Bob Wynhausen 08/13/2012 06:02:09
Mr. Rechnitzer, I think you may be looking through the wrong end of the telescope.

I suppose class warfare is * lot like beauty, it’s in the eye of the beholder. I recall, for example, * comment by our own Governor Otter regarding tax policy, that he wasn’t interested in raising taxes on the well-to-do of Idaho, even temporarily, in order to avoid cuts to education and Medicaid because he considered raising taxes on the rich to be class warfare. Yet, at the end of the last legislative session, he pushed through * cut of the top individual and corporate tax rates worth about $36 million, which could have been spent on education and safety-net programs that had suffered severe cuts during the prior three years.

In this case, the tax cuts benefited the rich and the spending cuts hurt the not-so-rich (the middle and working class). In my view, that is classic class warfare—take from the poor and give to the rich. Some call it trickle-up economics.

In * nutshell, that is the story of the last 40 years in this country, * country where public policy is controlled by the rich and the corporations. If that weren’t the case, we would not be seeing the growing chasm between rich and the rest of us, unions would continue to represent workers, women could choose to stay home with kids rather than hold down * job to maintain the family’s standard of living and borrowing against home equity to make ends meet would have been unnecessary. Families might also be able to afford to send their kids to college. But, unfortunately greed and power enabled the moneyed class to set the agenda—break the unions, hold down wages, cut taxes for the 1% , cut spending on education and safety-net programs and put more people in prison than any other country in the world. Yes, I’d call that class warfare and I find it despicable.

There is nothing worse than the powerful taking advantage of the powerless.
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Paul Rechnitzer Paul Rechnitzer Transplanted 30 years ago, Paul is a retiree from the oil business who knows no other place he would rather live and breathe local history.

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