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Spore- something new in gaming

Many of today’s video games fall into a certain category, be it shooter, role playing, strategy, puzzle, or any other category. So it isn’t often that a game comes along that does something completely new and unexpected. Game designer Will Wright, the man who developed the popular Sims games, has a new game to be released in September known as Spore. Wright wanted to make a game that would make the gamer think about the world a little bit differently after playing Spore.

The gameplay of Spore falls into different categories throughout the game, making it what some would call a “god” game since it covers almost everything. The basis of the game is that you start out as a creature on the cellular level and evolve through five stages until you have a galactic civilization. The five stages are Cell, Creature, Tribal, Civilization, and Space. The Space stage is open-ended so that it never ends, so you can try to visit all of the 10 billion planets that the galaxy contains.

Spore gets its intrigue through the fact that the game’s creatures are not planned out beforehand. The player creates creatures, buildings, cities, spaceships, and even planets as the game progresses and it is set up in such a way that nothing is ever the same.

Spore is a single player came, but you will be connected to whoever plays Spore who has an Internet connection. This means that many of the creatures and objects that you interact with in your game will be uploaded from all over the world. It seems like that when released on September 7, people playing Spore will be in an empty world until there is time for people to create creatures. That is why the Spore Creature Creator was released on the 17th of this month. You can download the free trial of the Creature Creator but to really appreciate it you can buy the full version for ten bucks at Wal-Mart.

The full version has 228 different parts that you drag and drop onto a body that you design in order to make your creature. Pretty much anything is possible as all of the parts are flexible, I recently made a creature that looks like a Southwest 737. You can make a creature as cute or as scary as you want, or as realistic or as fantastic as you want. The developers really leave it up to the player’s imagination. That is one reason Spore is such a milestone in gaming; the developers had to design animation for creatures when they didn’t know what they would look like, and they did a pretty good job, too. In minutes you can make a creature that looks like it came right out of Monsters Inc. or any other Pixar movie.

Even if you aren’t going to get Spore when it comes out the Creature Creator is still a lot of fun on its own. My six year old sister has a blast making creatures then making them dance on the Test Floor. You can upload your creature straight from the game onto the website and check out other people’s creations as well. There are ranking systems for the creatures, contests, a forum, downloads, and messaging all available at the site. The Creature Creator is a great way to kill some time and have some fun and I can imagine that Spore will be so much more.

Find Spore here.

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