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The HYMini takes your charge with you

A company that I recently found over the internet strongly believes that even small differences in energy conservation can have a big difference. MiniWIZ is shrinking down the green movement so that it affordable, and practical for everyday use. The gadgets MiniWIZ has come out with are not designed to power your house or anything like that. Rather, they are aimed towards small, electronic devices like cell phones, mp3 players, and the like. All of their products are portable so in theory you may never have to run out of power again.

MiniWIZ’s products mainly branch around their golden child, the HYmini. The HYmini is “a handheld, universal charger/adapter device that harnesses renewable wind power, solar power, and conventional wall plug power to recharge almost all your 5V digital gadgets.” Its sleek appearance and small size make it extremely handy for people looking to go green or take that little extra step. The small wind generator can capture energy alone, or can hook up to 1-4 small solar capturing devices for maximum efficiency. If you are not planning on being able to use the generator, you can just plug it into the wall and it will charge from there, then you will have backup power for your devices.

MiniWIZ is making it easy for people to use the HYmini with products that make it really easy to travel. For someone who bikes around town a lot there is a bike mount. So when commuting you are generating power; can’t really get much greener than that. Plus, the faster you go the more energy you will make! That doesn’t mean you can strap the HYmini to a car however—at 45 mph the generator stops putting power into the battery for mechanical and safety reasons. There is even an armband so you can charge your iPod while you run. Please note, this doesn’t work on treadmills.

If it’s night time, you don’t want to use an outlet, and want to strengthen your wrist, MiniWIZ has a hand crank that you can use to charge your personal devices. This would be great to have around when your cell phone dies on the road, or for when the power goes out. You can also purchase different brand adaptors for cell phones, iPods, DC adaptors, and personal gaming devices directly from their website.

MiniWIZ’s newest product is its most passive yet, but possibly one of the most effective. It’s currently not on the market yet, but will be released some time this year. Utilizing old plastic bottles, the Solarbulb quickly makes an ambient lamp using nothing but sunshine. The modern looking design simply screws onto a plastic bottle and charges during the day; a sensor makes sure it turns on at night for up to six hours of continuous light.   

The convenience and environmental aspects of MiniWIZ’s products make it almost a no brainer for any consumer. The options are vast: if you ride your bike then strap on the HYmini, drive to work then put the solar panels on your dash or leave them on your windowsill, use the hand crank for emergencies, and the Solarbulb for healthy, ambient light in your home or outside.


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