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Good luck Mr. Gorsky

One of my favorite stories of all time just made an appearance, with some modifications, on the email “pass-along” list, and I couldn’t resist checking ... Full story

Technology is a Verb

     If you have a computer and you think of it in terms of megabytes and megahertz, you are thinking of the computer as a ... Full story

Last Mile Internet Access

As the internet becomes more dynamic and interactive, the advantage of faster data transfer has become more apparent. More users find themselves waiting for what ... Full story

Bush Ignorance, At Least in this Email, is "Obviously Satire"

     An internet email wildly popular with, oh, say slightly over 50% of America’s voting public asks the question: “Is George Bush Jr. the dumbest ... Full story

That Darn SULFNBK returns

I can just see the guy, hunched over a computer in some dim, crowded garret somewhere, frantically typing out a code that will erase hard ... Full story

Static Electricity a Danger at Gas Pumps?

    My good friend and advisor, Sandy Compton, sent the following to me with the caption, "fodder for urban legends?" Either he's learning to be ... Full story

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