A Bird in Hand

The House Finch

A sweetheart of a bird ... Full story

The Brown-Headed Cowbird

The ultimate in hands-off parenting ... Full story

The Rufous Hummingbird

Re-enacting the Battle of Britain, Every Single Afternoon! A Bird in Hand ... Full story

Eurasian Collared Dove

Mike Turnlund introduces you to the new neighbors in A Bird in Hand ... Full story

American Crow

Brilliance in a plain black wrapper ... Full story

The Birding Paparazzi Are Out!

In search of the irruption of the Snowy Owl ... Full story

The Downy Woodpecker

Our weest nail-driver ... Full story

The European Starling

An invader or not? A Bird in Hand ... Full story

The Brown Creeper

An uncommonly unusual common bird ... Full story

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  1. Hidden in Plain Sight (5.00)

  2. Sno Biz (5.00)

  3. Drop to Trot (5.00)

  4. The Green King (5.00)

  5. Thomas' Tech Tales (5.00)

Featured author

Julie Menghini

Julie Menghini is secretary to Lake Pend Oreille School District's superintendent Dick Cvitanich, and clerk of the board.