A Bird in Hand

The House Finch

A sweetheart of a bird ... Full story

The Brown-Headed Cowbird

The ultimate in hands-off parenting ... Full story

The Rufous Hummingbird

Re-enacting the Battle of Britain, Every Single Afternoon! A Bird in Hand ... Full story

Eurasian Collared Dove

Mike Turnlund introduces you to the new neighbors in A Bird in Hand ... Full story

American Crow

Brilliance in a plain black wrapper ... Full story

The Birding Paparazzi Are Out!

In search of the irruption of the Snowy Owl ... Full story

The Downy Woodpecker

Our weest nail-driver ... Full story

The European Starling

An invader or not? A Bird in Hand ... Full story

The Brown Creeper

An uncommonly unusual common bird ... Full story

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