Acres n Pains

Droning Along

I see a few changes comin’ around.There’s drones in the air and troops on the ground.    So many eyes in the sky, you need not ... Full story

Trunks for the Memories

A lot of things bring back memories and March is no exception! Along with its usual delivery of cling-on mud, standing water, returning and somewhat ... Full story

Snow Removal

This being February, my timing couldn’t be much better as winter is just getting wound up and will end with that last little blizzard in ... Full story

One Last Prayer

The Mayan Calendar, is rhyming verse ... Full story

It's All About the Frackin'

Energy production, in rhyme ... Full story

To Err is Human

To AARRGH!!! is Politics ... Full story

Things I've Done in the Past

(and hopefully will never repeat) ... Full story

It's Your Party

and you can cry if you want to ... Full story

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