Through a Child's Eyes

Ernie reflects on the magic of being a grandparent ... Full story

Just Waiting

The Navy jets streak low overhead in a tight formation, creating a screaming, rolling thunder across the partly cloudy sky. It is not a sound ... Full story


Ernie has a lot to look forward to at the Hawk's Nest ... Full story


A girl, and a place... on the Scenic Route ... Full story

In Grandma's Garden

Trish time travels 50 years ... Full story

The Hawk's Nest

Alice Lindy Huston; and Grandpa Ernie ... Full story

The Hawk's Nest

Intention and an adventuring spirit ... Full story

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  1. Hidden in Plain Sight (5.00)

  2. Sno Biz (5.00)

  3. Drop to Trot (5.00)

  4. The Green King (5.00)

  5. Thomas' Tech Tales (5.00)

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Jim Tibbs

Jim Tibbs

Here’s some words about Jim Tibbs, a Sandpoint native who still can’t figure out how not to get stuck in the snow....