A Summer Swim

Granddaughters don't even have to double-dog-dare you ... Full story

Going Home to the Funny Farm

Jinx shows that she's a product of her raising ... Full story

The Dog Days of Camping

Why you shouldn't pitch a tent if you're Jinxed ... Full story

A Mountain Drive

It's no simple thing when you're Jinxed ... Full story

Way to Go, Grace!

Jinx finds a partner in her unique brand of 'adventure.' ... Full story

The Problem with Gardening

They are many and varied... if you're Jinxed ... Full story

Real Camping is the Best

and camping in Dallas will 'jinx' you ... Full story

Happiness is a Warm Puppy

My granddaughter Billie decided we needed a puppy. She had put a lot of thought in it. When I saw Billie dragging a stuffed animal ... Full story

Back on My Own Two Feet

A "Jinxed" trip to Lewiston ... Full story

Snow is Not my Friend

Jinx and walking have a troubled relationship ... Full story

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