Kathys Faith Walk

Watching From the Sidelines

Kathy's Faith Walk takes her to the sidelines of other lives ... Full story


On Kathy's Faith Walk, she gets to choose ... Full story

Faith is Not for the Weak

Faith Walk—a euphemism for what is commonly known as the meat grinder of emotional, physical, spiritual, and intellectual changes necessary to produce a well-rounded, mature ... Full story

The Truth Will Set You Free

“In war, truth is the first casualty”.   -    Aeschylus (Greek tragic dramatist 525  -  456 B.C.) “In times of universal deceit, telling the truth ... Full story

Idolatry and Grace

This column is called “Faith Walk.” I take this literally. Trish really never knows where in my walk I am going to be when she ... Full story

God is Love

On Kathy's Faith Walk, God is a master gardener ... Full story

Home is Where the Dog is - Isn't it?

Kathy's Faith Walk carries her to a place of letting go ... Full story

Caught in Barbed Wire

On Kathy's faith walk, fencing the farm offers lessons about sin ... Full story


A favorite holiday on Kathy's Faith Walk ... Full story

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