North Bowl

Schweitzer Nordics #431

25 °         Dec 5, 2011…Nordics…hike # 431         What a gorgeous day…the sky is blue, it is clear but cold. ... Full story

Schweitzer Outback hike #401

  50°  May 9, 2011…Schweitzer Outback…hike # 401 50% chance of rain today but as it turned out we got a beautiful blue sky and pretty clouds. The ... Full story

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  1. Hidden in Plain Sight (5.00)

  2. Sno Biz (5.00)

  3. Drop to Trot (5.00)

  4. The Green King (5.00)

  5. Thomas' Tech Tales (5.00)

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Julie Hutslar

Julie Hutslar

Recently relocated from Southern Utah, Julie Hutslar is an artist, author and spiritual counselor. Her goal is to challenge boundaries and has found that those in the mind are the most tenacious. Therefore, Julie uses the vehicles of painting, writing and her practice in Core Belief Restructuring to create a portal of ascension; a doorway to our own radiant divine selves! She is the author of Relationships: Gifts of the Spirit and has a practice in Core Belief Restructuring out of Pinnacle Health Center in Sandpoint.