Scott Clawson

Howling Polarity

Scott tries really hard not to make anyone angry about wolf reintroduction ... Full story

Don't Just Panic... Pre-Panic!

Scott's tips for when a forest fire approaches ... Full story

A Hull in the Water

Seldom in one’s life does a decision become so egregious to their mood on a regular basis as that one to purchase a boat! Back around ... Full story

Great Bales of Fire!

Funny things you might see on the road in North Idaho ... Full story

Lump it or Leave It

On GMOs and big corporations ... Full story

One Armedness

Normally it doesn’t take me very long to spill out a thousand words or so, given plenty of elbow room—say, around lunchtime at a construction ... Full story

Playin' in the Dirt

I’ve always enjoyed getting dirty; I have an affinity for it, really. First as a toddler anointing myself profoundly and impressing my mom no end, ... Full story

Remotely Concerned

I wonder where we are going with this; hell, I even wonder where I’m going with this. But needless to say, we’re headed for trouble ... Full story

It's All About the Frackin'

Energy production, in rhyme ... Full story

To Err is Human

To AARRGH!!! is Politics ... Full story

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