Remotely Concerned

I wonder where we are going with this; hell, I even wonder where I’m going with this. But needless to say, we’re headed for trouble ... Full story


Technology for the holidays ... Full story

Thin Blue Air

Technology makes for changes at the grocery store ... Full story

Internet Time-Wasters

for when time is hanging heavy on your hands ... Full story

Politically Incorrect

Who knew dealing with computers was harder than raising teenagers? ... Full story

Beware the Ides of October?

October featured a series of less fortunate events... and then the computer crashed ... Full story

Is It Keyboarding Class, or is it Typing?

When high schools teach keyboarding, many times what they're teaching are outdated typing requirements. ... Full story

Politically Incorrect

Grandma was right - you really should be careful what you wish for ... Full story

Thomas' Tech Tales

Trusting the Weather Report ... Full story

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