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God and our Schools

As autumn begins to creep ever closer, children around the country are returning to school after the long summer vacation. It’s a good time for ... Full story

Fear of Shopping

  Once it’s on the ‘net it lives forever so, even if the election is passed, don’t be surprised if you’re still getting emails about John ... Full story

Email is not a Qualified Medical Professional

Why do we seem to have a fatal attraction to Urban Legends? ... Full story

Something for Nothing

When your mama taught you better... it's probably an Urban Legend ... Full story

Election Season and the Lies are Out

If it's about a candidates, you should assume it's false until proved otherwise, not the other way around ... Full story

Static Electricity a Danger at Gas Pumps?

    My good friend and advisor, Sandy Compton, sent the following to me with the caption, "fodder for urban legends?" Either he's learning to be ... Full story

Is McDonalds Serving you South American Beef?

    The email in my inbox carried bold headlines: Be American, Buy American! If nothing else, it got my attention. The child of a union pipefitter, ... Full story


Okay, this is for all you folks with AOL or Hotmail accounts. The most persistent urban legend of all is the myth that we - ... Full story

If it Sounds too Good to be True... It Probably Is

"If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is." My grandmother would never have been accused of being overly optimistic, but her advice ... Full story

Tax Scams and Darwin Awards

February 27, 2002 The newest email warning circulating purports to come from the Michigan Department of the Treasury and tells taxpayers to beware an email scam ... Full story

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Rep. Pat Williams

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