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Kathy's Faith Walk

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Kathy's Faith Walk

The Creator or the Creation?

I believe that God (YHWH of the Jewish people) created Heaven and Earth because that is what the Bible says. (Genesis 1:1-31) This same God has laid out principles for living which, when adhered to, bring peace and prosperity in all facets of my life. This is proof to me that I can trust what He has said about Himself is true.

In Romans 1:16-32 God tells us through Paul’s letter to the Romans that human beings should worship the Creator, God, rather than the creation, nature. These days, however, the politically correct approach is quite the other way around.

Human beings are designed by God. Having a desire to worship something bigger than ourselves is part of this design. It is no accident. But that worship is to be lavished on the Creator from whom the design came. Not everyone agrees. In fact in this world we have quite a number of people dedicated to the worship of Gaia, sometimes referred to as Mother Nature, Mother Goddess, or Great Goddess. This primordial entity from the Greek pantheon represents Earth.

I believe worshipping the creation rather than the Creator sells us short when it comes to experiencing nature to the fullest. I once knew a man who built the most beautiful acoustic guitars. When he would bring his latest creation to church and play it, those of us in the audience would marvel at the beauty, the sound, the joy he took in playing it for us. He would tell us about the wood he chose and the process he used to shape it. He could tell us so many things about this creation we would never discover on our own.

Imagine how that experience would be diluted if instead he simply brought the guitar and placed it on a stand. Just as he began to speak the audience threw him out of the room and  in turn bowed down to the guitar, sang to it, touched it, marveled at its beauty for years but never allowed the master to present it in all its wonder. This is what happens when we worship the creation rather than the Creator.

God has created the earth for the sake of His magnificence. How amazing that He invites us to share in that creation by allowing us to live in it, ask questions about it, feel the breeze of it, cool ourselves in the rain, play in the snow, hike the mountains, fish in the oceans, stand in the sun while our bodies make vitamin D, grow our own gardens, hear the melody of the song birds and marvel at how He allows life to regenerate each spring. I marvel indeed, so much so that I would not cheapen it by worshipping nature itself any more than I would worship the guitar when the one who built it deserves the praise.

God created us and all that surrounds us. He made it for his own glory and deserves to be worshipped for it. However, because He loves us He delights in our proper enjoyment of it. I think I will just go delight in it right now-

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Kathy Osborne Kathy Osborne is the editor of the Co Op Country Store's newspaper, the Co Op Round-Up. In her spare time she checks in on her three grown children, or listens to her husband play music.

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