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The power of words

One day while amusing myself, I sat quietly and started repeating words with a specific flavor. I said them slowly to myself and tried to imagine the feelings as I said the words. I began to repeat them and as I did, I found that they had begun to change the way I felt. I was feeling calmer and my mind was not filled with its usual chaos. 

The words I chose to repeat were: infinitely loving, eternally peaceful, unconditionally allowing, graceful and gentle, kind, joyful, accepting, generous, honest, patient, fulfilled and childlike. I especially liked it when I let the words become their meaning and as I slowly enunciated each word, I allowed what they stood for to seep into me and fill me up. Before long, I felt like the strongest muscle man couldn’t lift me from my chair, I was so grounded in peace.

That evening I was sharing this intimate experience with my husband and he asked me if other words would have a similar or reverse effect. So we tried a few on. We began with guilt, hatred, anger, worthlessness, hopelessness, judgmental, blame, and separated. Before we had finished the short list, we were feeling depressed. Just the words alone had the power to bring our energy down, or depress us.

Years ago while managing in a large firm, the term “Loser” became popular and several of my friends and employees started calling each other that whenever someone did anything half bumbled. I noticed the effect on the “loser” and outlawed the word inside the building. I didn’t know if I really had the authority to do that; I mean, can your boss keep you from using a certain word? Anyway, it worked. I think people didn’t really like being called a loser, even in fun. So one guy who wanted to kid with me, but not break the rule, began to hold his hand up to his forehead in the shape of an ‘L’ for Loser in place of the word. Somehow, that didn’t seem to bother anyone. The word was what held the power. And a word is simply the symbol of what it represents.

If someone were calling you all sorts of horrible names in a language you didn’t understand, you might simply smile and wave! But in your own language, complete with life-felt meanings, words have the power to create your mood, and enough similar moods begin to define your life.  

So I guess the next question would be, what are your favorite words to use? Do they ground you in peace and make you feel loving and kind, or do they make you feel like not even trying? Makes you stop and think about how you speak to your children and pets, spouse, and friends, but mostly to yourself. And also, it gives you an idea of how to bring your mood up if you really want to. Simply start repeating your lovely list, and eventually you can call yourself those words. Okay, precious, you truly are a joy!

Julie Hutslar is the author of “Relationships: Gifts of the Spirit” and is a spiritual counselor specializing in Core Belief Restructuring. She works out of Pinnacle Health Center in Sandpoint and you can reach her at (208)255-2925. Visit her website at www.jrhutslar.com

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Author info

Julie Hutslar Julie Hutslar Recently relocated from Southern Utah, Julie Hutslar is an artist, author and spiritual counselor. Her goal is to challenge boundaries and has found that those in the mind are the most tenacious. Therefore, Julie uses the vehicles of painting, writing and her practice in Core Belief Restructuring to create a portal of ascension; a doorway to our own radiant divine selves! She is the author of Relationships: Gifts of the Spirit and has a practice in Core Belief Restructuring out of Pinnacle Health Center in Sandpoint.

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