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What Good Fathers Do

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Kathy's Faith Walk

A coworker walked into my office the other day and the conversation quickly turned to the subject of trusting God. These days, that often means trusting for financial needs. As we talked we remembered to one another times when God saw us through great financial hardships in the past. We can look back and see that He has rescued us from disaster many times and set our feet on solid ground, a sure path. So why is it even though my friend and I have seen the evidence God will take care of us, we act like each situation is news to God and surely an insurmountable barrier for the Creator of the Universe to navigate through?

The answer is easy... it is because we do not yet know Him. I need to know Him so deeply I will expect Him to behave as a good Father always does, not just hope He will. 

Now, that word “know” shows up in lots of places in the Bible but probably none more impactful than Philippians 3:10,11 where Paul writes “I want to know Christ—yes, to know the power of his resurrection and participation in his sufferings, becoming like him in his death, and so, somehow, attaining to the resurrection from the dead.” (NIV) Paul’s goal here was to know Jesus so well that he could actually experience both Christ’s suffering, and the life that would come from it.

It is pretty hard to know someone without spending time with them. In order to trust God, I have to know Him. In order to know Him I have to spend time with Him. When I spend time with Him, through a variety of circumstances he leads me through, I become more like Him and less like me. It turns out that God just loves to see His reflection in the eyes of His children.  

If I want to KNOW that God is going to take care of me I have to let Him walk me through some tough stuff to get there. This is key:  Jesus indicates in Matthew 24:40 that whatever is happening to me is also happening to Him. Now this is important—no matter what is happening in my life, easy street or difficult, I can “give it” to Christ and He will carry it for me. My problem is I keep wanting to take the thing back and worry about it some more—like that is ever going to help. However, of late, I have gotten faster at turning issues over to Him. With each situation, with each greater need comes a greater requirement to trust Him. The good news is I am finally getting the hang of this. However, God, like any good Father, wants to see me grow so I know there will be even more creative lessons down the road for me. Soon there will be no hesitation at all when I need to trust Him.

Knowing God is also about knowing I need Him as Savior from my sin. I need Him as King of my days, as a Shepherd watching the sheepfold of my life, as the Bridegroom and lover of my soul. It’s knowing that as I yield each new circumstance to him quickly and completely, I come to understand that He will always be with me intervening, disciplining, guiding, solving, redirecting, teaching, rescuing, loving, encouraging and caring for my every need because He is my Father and that is what good Fathers do.  


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Kathy Osborne Kathy Osborne is the editor of the Co Op Country Store's newspaper, the Co Op Round-Up. In her spare time she checks in on her three grown children, or listens to her husband play music.

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