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A favorite holiday on Kathy's Faith Walk

The holiday coming up in April is my favorite. The western church will call it Easter but that day is a mere shadow of its deeper, richer root—the Feast of Passover, and the roots of my faith. I like all the holidays but this feast is of particular importance to me.

For a very long time the Jewish people celebrated Passover to commemorate their deliverance from Egypt by God through the person of Moses. God established this Feast while the people were still in a state of slavery but hoping for rescue. They acted upon that hope and were taken to a place where God became their King. In His presence they learned to live as a people set apart for Him. 

The Passover, like all the Feasts or appointed times of the Lord, has a past, a present, and a future fulfillment tied to it. Very cool. 

The actual event of Passover in Egypt was the effort of God to pass judgment on Pharoah for not allowing the Hebrews to leave, while protecting the Hebrews themselves from that judgment. The Hebrews were instructed to take a male lamb of the first year, perfect and unblemished, care for it for four days and then kill it. They were to take the blood and slather it on the doorposts and across the top. Then they were to roast the lamb over fire and eat the entire animal with a variety of other items, all while wearing their coats and sandals as if ready to depart the house in haste. They were, in fact, about to depart a life of slavery and come into a place of freedom with God as their King

Because the shed blood was applied correctly, the Hebrews were passed over when the judgment of God came. On every Passover thereafter the blood came from a male lamb of the first year, perfect and unblemished. In Jerusalem many years later it would be the blood of a perfect male human, Jesus, applied to save us from slavery. He died to save us all from judgment. Three days later Jesus arose from the dead to prove His power over death and to ensure our participation in eternal life with Him. The Bible expresses that people would find this process foolish and shameful both then and now. But it is the way God has provided for us and it takes faith to receive this provision against our rebellion. This was the intermediate fulfillment. 

While the blood of the lamb covered the Hebrews in Egypt from judgment for disobedience, the blood of the Lamb in Jerusalem will cover anyone from the judgment of God for sin and disobedience. This is good news! It is a gift from God. But like any gift, it is not yours until you accept it by faith, open it, and make it your life.

As I said, all the Feasts of the Lord have past, intermediate, and future fulfillments. One day soon, those of us who have opened and accepted the gift of deliverance from sin and protection from destruction will once again be blessed by it when Jesus comes back as our King. When the King returns all things will be made right. But those things that are not of Him will not remain in his kingdom. It is simple: if you are not in Him, you are not part of His kingdom. Choose life. Choose salvation. Choose Christ—the Passover Lamb of God.

John 3:16 says “…for God so loved the world that He gave His only son to die that those who believe on His name should not die but have everlasting life. Do you believe this?

If so, one of these days we will be delivered from this life and into the arms of the one who loves us. If not, please reconsider. 

God loves you. He is inviting you to let Him in. He is offering to walk you through this life in a way that will allow you to heal, to understand, to forgive, and to live in ways you never imagined. Don’t wait another day to ask Jesus to cover you with His blood. He has set the boundaries of your need for forgiveness and His willingness to forgive. He will not depart from them. He is waiting.

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