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I Am the Steward

I always ask The Lord what He wants me to write about. Beginning that way can often mean waiting long periods of time to hear from Him, but it is worth it. It also means I am in for a lesson of some kind. And some of those lessons are just heart breaking. I wish there was another way.

I grew up on Wrencoe Loop, out west of Dover. It is a beautiful place which is why scores of new people have moved in over the years and the developers are having a great time carving it up. That is not meant to be sarcastic; developers do carve up land. They do that so they can build more of what the buyers want on less land. It is how they make their living. But on the Loop, they are carving up the land I hiked through to my Grama and Grampa’s house when I was a child. A development now occupies what was once my own private playground. It’s very difficult to see that. But, I am not a child any more.

Even if I hiked the old trail today, my Grama and Grampa are no longer there waiting for me. They have been gone for many years like their work horses, their gardens, their antique shed, and their seemingly endless hugs. In fact, few of the people I held so dear during those years are on the Loop anymore. My own parents, who have lived at Wrencoe since 1956, will soon see their final days and a horrible truth has quietly slipped into my heart: the land is nothing without the people who made it important to me. Worse than that, the land has very little to do with the work The Lord has assigned to me while I am on this planet.

While I anguish over the changes to my home and community, The Lord reminds me, this is all passing away and none of it belongs to me. “The earth is the Lord’s and the fullness thereof.” He is the Creator, my Creator, and I am His steward. I choose to be. Stewards, in the strictest sense, own nothing. They work the investment for the Master. My Lord is helping me grasp this concept these days and I hope the tears stop soon. He reminds me that I have been distracted, not investing as I should.

It became clear today that the Lord wants me to write about the treasure of my heart; what it ought to be, and what it really is. Today’s lesson is the folly of giving more attention and care to things and places rather than to God Himself and that one thing that He loves so very much: people. I have been duly reminded that the Gospel is simple: Love God. Love people. Ouch. Love the land just isn’t in there.

My love for my childhood home has been a distraction. He has entrusted me with it and I must choose to hold it loosely because it is, after all, His; the land, the people, their hearts, my heart… all of it. This is a heartbreaking lesson, but if I can just remember that if I am in Him, then He will change my heart so the desire of my heart will line up with the desire of His. I won’t be distracted any more, freeing me to be about God’s business: Loving God, and loving people, and I might just get to live on the land one day too.

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Kathy Osborne Kathy Osborne is the editor of the Co Op Country Store's newspaper, the Co Op Round-Up. In her spare time she checks in on her three grown children, or listens to her husband play music.

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