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Health Benefit Options for Small Business

Affordable options to providing health care ... Full story

A Holistic Approach to Enhancing Sports

Improving your performance without drugs ... Full story

Single Payer Health Care

A veteran of the past health care battle, former Mont. Rep. Pat Williams says even if single-payer won't pass, it deserves a hearing. ... Full story

A Holistic Approach to Irritable Bowel Syndrome

Ending the embarrassment of cramping, bloating, gas and diarrhea ... Full story

A Holistic Approach to Sciatica

There are many ways to address chronic back pain ... Full story

A Holistic Approach to Bruxism

What to do when you're grinding away ... Full story

2009 Follies 176-198

Photos from the 2009 sold out performance of The Follies, a production of the Angels Over Sandpoint. All photos copyright Trish Gannon and may be downloaded and used for personal use only. Pictures 176-200

A Holistic Approach to Dermatitis

With a one-in-thirty chance of experiencing dermatitis every year, it's time to get on top of stress ... Full story

A Holistic Approach to Insomnia

When the clock's ticking and you can't get to sleep, there are alternatives to pills to get a good night's rest ... Full story

A Holistic Approach to Hypertension

Sometimes it's possible to control high blood pressure without medication ... Full story

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Sandy Compton

Sandy Compton

Sandy Compton is one of the original contributors to The River Journal, and owner and publisher at Blue Creek Press (www.bluecreekpress.com). His latest book is Side Trips From Cowboy: Addiction, Recovery and the Western American Myth