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Obamacare: Beyond the Hype

Get familiar with a few facts about the law ... Full story


Health insurance is now coming to you. Here’s what you need to know. ... Full story

Insurance: A bet you don't want to win

Insurance is simply about limiting risk - and the Devil's in the Details when it comes to the Affordable Care Act. ... Full story

Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act

The devil's in the details - wellness ... Full story

Whatever Floats Your Boat

Liability on the water. ... Full story

Whatever Floats Your Boat

Many fair-weather boaters, such as myself, still have their boats sitting in the garage or driveway covered with winter’s dust. Others, principally those erstwhile K&K ... Full story

Insurance Changes for Home Contractors

Contracting is a tough, competitive business and recent events in the insurance industry won’t make things any easier. This is especially true for those contractors ... Full story

Saving Money on Insurance

    Recently I read a newspaper article instructing consumers to consider saving money on insurance premiums by changing the valuation on their homeowner contents from ... Full story

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