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Land Management

The "estate" in real estate ... Full story

Can You Afford to Live Here?

There’s buyers markets and sellers markets when it comes to real estate and every area seems to cycle back and forth between the two. In ... Full story

The Poor Man's Waterfront

Lake Pend Oreille's East Shore is a Houseboater's Haven ... Full story

The Winter Marketplace

Selling and buying in the "off season" ... Full story

What to Look for in a Real Estate Agent

        Once the decision is made to buy or sell real estate, the question arises whether or not to hire an agent and if so, ... Full story


Is your home safe? ... Full story

Is It Real Property?

For buyers considering manufactured housing, it pays to find out ... Full story

Thousands of Dollars and Years of Regret

The saving value of a home inspection ... Full story

A Few Simple Steps to Owning a Home

Purchasing property can be an excellent experience if you follow a few simple steps. For most of us, real estate purchases are our largest investments, ... Full story

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Scott Johnson

Scott Johnson

I was born a poor German child in the suburbs of Milwaukee, Wisconsin on a cold April eve in 1958, on the heels of the greatest event in the history of the state: the hiring of Vincent T. Lombardi to the Green Bay Packers. Hence began my love affair with the game of football and my team in green and gold. Due to my father’s (100%) disability with MS, we moved to sunny San Diego, CA in the summer of 1968 to escape the bitter cold of those Wisconsin winters and its negative effect on my Dad's disease. While in San Diego I found not only my love for beautiful beaches and beautiful girls, but also for the stage. From junior high through college at San Diego State University, I was performing and directing in three to five theatrical productions per year. Between theatre and football I managed to squeeze in distance running as an avocation, competing in numerous 10k races, half marathons and finally the San Diego Marathon. Realizing that the chances of becoming a fabulously rich and famous actor were few and far between, I decided on an advertising career in the newspaper business as my vocation. I began at a weekly publication, then a daily, then the #1 monthly senior publication in the country, Senior World Newsmagazine, where I became their Regional Sales Manager. Looking for a “quality of life” change for our family, my wife I found Sandpoint, Idaho in 1993 and moved here with our son in 1994. I worked for the Daily Bee and then in the car business before finding my niche as Director of Sales and Advertising for Keokee Creative Group in 2001, where I remain today. In the Fall of 2006, Trish found my knowledge of sport, my gift of gab and my theatrical spin on life in the sporting world a match for the River Journal, and I’ve been writing my sports column ever since. Still waiting for that call from Sports Illustrated, though. Of course now that Ric Reilly has retired, maybe there’s a chance…