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Alice and Grandpa Ernie Alice and Grandpa Ernie

Alice Lindy Huston; and Grandpa Ernie


I was asleep at home when the phone rang.  When grabbing it I noticing the clock shining in the dark saying 3:30.  Linda’s tired-excited voice said they had just gone to the hospital.

  Ana’s contractions were only five minutes apart and had been for over an hour. She had wanted to wait as long as possible since it was only a short drive to Tripler Army Medical Center.

 Linda drove Ana and Noah’s car up to the security gate. the soldier on guard duty looked at the “Stork Pass” in the window. It gives special parking privileges to expectant mothers. Linda opened the window and held their identifications out for inspection. He looked across to Ana and anxiously said.”Are you in labor” Ana gave a grunt-growl-sheik- yell, he shouted “Go!”

 Alice Lindy Huston had just been given permission to enter a United States military facility without ID or any questions asked.

 Three days before Christmas and just a few hours after that soldier gave her permission  Alice would arrived on this rock in the South Pacific we call Oahu. Surrounded by grandma Linda, close friend Amber and a regimen of military doctors and nurses, Alice looked out at her world. The only important person she did not see was her dad Noah who was out to sea in his submarine. 

 It was 12:18 pm Hawaii time. Her 8 pounds 4.4 ounces was packaged in 20  and one half inches of healthy body, with a little thin hair on top. She was a picture of perfection.

 I suppose in the name of good journalism  I need to give  disclaimer. Ana is my step-daughter and I have a very vested interest in this little girl named Alice. Okay it isn’t a disclaimer, just a way to announce a very proud and happy moment in my life.

 My plan had always been to fly to Hawaii the night of the 23rd so a little before midnight I called Linda from the Honolulu airport. She said to find a post outside the terminal with a number on it and call her back. I did and a few minutes later a car pulled up. A young man got out and the lady driving said “Hi, I’m Amber.”  Derek, her husband had already grabbed my bags and was putting them in the car. I found myself, in the middle of the night, in a strange city,  getting in a car with two total strangers, who took me to the hospital to see Linda, Ana, and Alice.

 It had been about 36 hours since the birth, and several more without much sleep for Linda and Ana. Still, when I walked into the room there were three beautiful women, Linda, Ana, and baby Alice.

 In the early afternoon of Christmas Eve, Alice came home for the first time. She was greeted by the songs of happily colored Red Crested cardinals. Gray and white with a scarlet red head and crest they sat on the fence outside the living room window looking at the new baby. A tiny dark bodied bird with a red eye ring, an Akohekohe, or crested honey creeper, flew off  a flower of the plumeria tree and landed on the back of a patio chair to get a better look. A pair of Zebra doves sat in a tree watching.

  It wasn’t until the evening of the 27th before Noah was able to call, Linda and I left so Ana, Noah and Alice could have their first family time together. On the 28th they were able to skype so Alice and Noah could see each other. It was sad and happy seeing the wonderful loving family half a world apart doing their best to be together.  A few months ago the new mom and dad had a few days in Guam. It allowed time for Noah to see his pregnant wife and feel their baby move in her tummy.

 It is a season of new beginnings, days are starting to get longer, we think about another birth which many feel was the beginning of a religion, and baby Alice Lindy Huston is here. It is also a time when we think of peace on earth, a peace where Alice’s daddy won’t ever have to be gone for months at a time defending his country. A time when family is more important then anything else and soldiers will not need to check the ID of an expectant mom on her way to delivery.

 Alice Lindy Huston 12:18 pm December 22, 2010

Ana and MM1 Noah Huston parents.

In the photos at right, Alice Lindy is all of three days old. Grandpa Ernie is... LOTS of days old. He looks scared, don’t you think? The photo at bottom is of Alice Lindy with her proud Mama, Ana Huston. Alice is wearing her Christmas dress.


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Ernie Hawks Ernie Hawks is a former theater director who has branched into the creative fields of writing and photography. He lives in a cabin in Athol with his lovely wife Linda, and feeds the birds in his spare time.

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