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She Wants to be the Nation's Extreme Huntress

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She Wants to be the Nation's Extreme Huntress

and she needs your vote!

Amanda Lowrey might seem to be typical of the millenial generation with her iPhone and stylish appearance, but she has a dream not so typical for most young women her age—she wants to be named the nation’s Extreme Huntress for 2014.

A local for whom hunting “put food on our table,” Amanda is proud of her heritage and impassioned about standing as a role model for women who hunt. Both these passions pushed her to enter the reality contest, sponsored by Tahoe Films, that resulted in her placement among the top four finalists in the nation.

Q. So who is Amanda Lowrey?

A. I am 25 years old, married and a proud mommy of two little girls, ages 5 and 4. I started hunting with my dad and my grandpa when I was just a little girl. From the very first time I went, I was hooked for life! I tagged along with Dad and Grandpa as often as they would take me until I was old enough to get my own license. I shot my first deer at the age of 12 and got to share the experience with my momma. She was with me when I shot it and another buck came through right after I shot mine and she was able to harvest her deer as well. My dad and sister were about 500 yards over the hill behind us getting a load of firewood so I guess we came home with quite a bounty that day: Two deer, a truck load of firewood and a slew of lifelong memories! 

I have been hunting every chance I get over the years. Not only is it a passion for me, but it puts food on my table, provides an income in our home, and teaches life skills to my children. It is much more than just a sport or a hobby to me, it is a way of life. Through the years I have been able to turn my love for hunting into a career through various avenues. My husband and I co-owned an outfitting business for a few years as well as guiding for other outfitting companies. After selling our share of the business, we now work for a couple of different companies within the hunting industry, and I also help my Dad with his taxidermy business. I am now competing for the title of the 2014 Extreme Huntress. 

Q What made you decide to participate in this contest? 

A. I actually came across this contest on accident less than a week before the deadline to enter. I had seen it come across a social media site and it caught my attention. I started reading through the rules and requirements to enter and decided it was unlike some of the other contests I’d seen and would be fitting for me to enter. What did I have to lose? What intrigued me most was that #1 their mission is to create positive role models for our next generation because they feel “If mom goes hunting, her kids will go hunting too.” Having kids of my own, this is a mission that is important to me as well. If we don’t teach our children this way of life, who will? 

#2- I was happy to see that we would actually be tested on our abilities in order to win the title of Extreme Huntress. A lot of contests are based solely on a voting system and, well, let’s face it; anyone can be whoever they want when they are behind a computer screen. This contest would be different; it would showcase each finalist’s abilities in the field. So, to enter, I had to write an essay and submit to a panel of six celebrity judges. Those judges would choose their favorite 10 entries and then the 10 they chose would move forward to the first round of public voting. I was absolutely shocked when I saw my name on the list of 10 semi-finalists! I couldn’t believe it! So, on May 1st we struck off a campaign for public voting. Boy was it a lot of work! 

We all reached out to media networks, friends, family and community to help us land a spot in the top four (out of 10) finalists who would travel to Texas for a head-to-head skills competition in July. During the first round of voting, I was sitting 7th place in the last week. I wasn’t feeling like I would make it to the top four. Much to my amazement, our community pulled together and helped me gain enough votes in the last week to finish FIRST PLACE in the first round of voting! I am to this day, blown away by the support from our community. THANK YOU! 

In mid July I headed south to compete with three other amazing woman in the Texas heat and humidity. I had no idea what to expect. I had no idea that this experience would produce such amazing, life-long friends and open such a vast array of doors in the hunting community! We spent the week being tested on our hunting abilities, shooting skills, actions in the field, physical fitness, and field scoring animals. It was a great challenge, and a whole lot of fun! I can’t wait for you all to see the video footage from the contest! 

Q. Of the ten episodes that were filmed, which one is your favorite? 

A. I have not seen the footage yet, aside from the teaser videos that have been posted on the Extreme Huntress website. Episodes will air online at www.extremehuntress.com beginning October 6 at 8:30 EST. Some of the episodes will also air on NBC Sports on Eye of the Hunter TV. 

Q. Why do you think it’s important for women who hunt to have other women for role models?

A. I think really the biggest difference between women and men hunting is that it is largely more accepted for men to be in the field than women when you look at our country as a whole. In the past it’s always been a male dominated sport for the most part. Over recent years however, women are gaining a HUGE foothold in the hunting industry. Manufacturers are beginning to cater more to women, and women in general are becoming more accepted both in the field and professionally. 

I think women build confidence from each other and understand each other, and as a mom, seeing other moms get out there and go hunting can be motivational. As a mom with young babies, it can be difficult to find time or means to get out there and I love being able to help other women with ideas and help BE that motivator that helps get them out there doing what they love. 

Q. In this area, what’s your favorite animal to hunt and why? 

A. Here in Idaho, probably my favorite thing to hunt is mule deer or elk. I love spending my time in the high country chasing muleys and nothing beats the sound of a screaming elk during the rut!

Q. What would your ‘dream hunt’ be like? 

A. Oh gosh, I have such a huge list of dream hunts. I could spend all day on the answer to this question! One that is high up on my list would be brown bear in Alaska. I absolutely love bear hunting and would love to harvest a big ol’ bruin with my bow! 

Q. If people would like to see the videos of the contest and vote on a winner, where do they go to do that? 

A. To vote for me in the contest, you can go to www.extremehuntress.com/vote and you can also follow the link on the website to take advantage of the “Double Your Vote” feature. You can check out footage from the contest online at www.extremehuntress.com, as well as set your DVRs to record Eye of the Hunter TV on NBC Sports. For additional pictures and updates you can follow the Extreme Huntress Competition, and all four finalists on Facebook! 

Q. Any further thoughts you’d like to share? 

A. I just want to extend a thank you to my family, friends, co-workers and our amazing community. I am so grateful and so humbled by the support from our town and surrounding areas. I appreciate the support from all of you and I am so excited to share this journey with everyone!

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