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Spring is around the corner... but which one?

Everywhere I go people are saying that spring is just around the corner. Apparently I have been looking around the wrong corner as I have not seen any sign of it showing up yet! 

But while we’re sitting here in our snug-as-a-bug cubicles watching one cold front followed by another cold front just a week apart, I am reminded of just how lucky we are that we don’t live back east where snow comes in feet not inches and the temperature ranges way below brass monkey cold with high winds to boost it along. 

While we, on the other hand, are sitting here drinking our West Coast lattes and whining about our latest blanket of snow with the temperatures down below freezing. 

If you have been paying attention, all winter this cycle has been accruing every ten days to two weeks, with temperatures from down below freezing to the upper 40s. It’s at this high point we start to think about spring being just around some corner. However, as our little cold front chugs up the Rocky Mountains like the Little Engine That Could, it picks up all the cold temperature it can carry  and descends down the other side, picking up speed with nothing to hold it back but a barbwire fence somewhere in Montana. And by the time it hits the Great Plains it collides with the southern updraft of moisture from the Gulf of Mexico, and dumps it on the eastern states with a vengeance. 

In the meantime, we are sitting back and reading a good book (probably Boots ‘n’ Beans) with our cabinets and storerooms full of food and extra water, plus coal oil lamps, plus a winter’s supply of firewood as well as propane heating stoves. Some of us even have the latest addition, a generator we can switch on to bring everything back up to normal activity: TV, well pump for water etc, etc. so we can watch the news from back east of six lanes of stalled traffic on eastern freeways with snow drifted up past their windshields and all stalled out for as far as the eye can see. 

It’s not like they didn’t see it coming, it’s been on TV for for days. These storms come in cycles and you can see them coming several days ahead of time; when they hit it takes them three days to pass through. Just work four days a week and stay off the roads allowing the snow removal people to clean the city and start over when it is clean; It takes less time to clean it and more production in the work place.

PS. I did get a lot of response from my story about the rat in the chili bowl; I wrote it just to see if anyone was reading my stories. Apparently they may not after that story aired. However, some people thought it was a disgustingly funny February issue of the River Journal. 

I have noticed that my computer office has become more and more cluttered with garden catalogs and orders of seeds are filling up our drop box at the mail box, Apparently The Garden Queens are going to strike it rich this year. If, in fact, we have a good growing year, there are going to be some good munchies and crunches and vine ripe tomato sandwiches—my favorite!

I have been asked to give a talk at the community center this summer as part of their artist program. We will probably have Bar-B-Q just to entice you to come. Last time I spoke there it was standing room only and some were turned away. Also, we won’t serve chili.

Stop in and you might find out just how funny cancer can be. I have beaten it twice at our local hospital cancer center. Colon twice and liver; so don’t be afraid of it. Too many people are even afraid to take a test for it, afraid they will find something, and if they do they think their life is over. I’m here to say “Not so.” You will get a kick out of my talk and a good dinner you won’t have to cook;


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Boots Reynolds Boots Reynolds The "internationally-renowned cowboy artist" Boots Reynolds has moved his comedic interpretation of life into the writing field with his regular column in the River Journal - From the Mouth of the River.

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