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Primarily Insignificant

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Primarily Insignificant

A poetic look at the political primary season

Some people say that I spend too much time

sittin’ astraddle the fence

but I find myself there in the rarefied air

because neither side makes enough sense


“There’re few things more liberating or sacrosanct

than the Democratic ability to vote”

this comes down the ages through various sages

who thought about it long’n hard before they got it wrote


But I wonder how they felt when something they smelt

filled their throats with mucus and phlegm

where we quite often find that a lot of the time

we’re votin’ against some wingnut, not for ‘em


And it leads me to ponder how they felt about plunder

amongst their elected officials

as the general consensus expects continued offenses

without reprisals from appointed judicials 


Did they give up completely or just keep score discretely

and wait for a chance to get even

to stand firm by not quitin’, polish up on their Twittin’

and maybe next time get what they believe in


The elephant demands to be our business sense

while the jackass our conscience/objector

but when it’s “primary time”, to vote your own mind

to someone you’ll be a defector


The independent voter is one more open minded

than counterparts who claim affiliation

to one or other party’s dogma/doctrine

making up this great and silly nation

The one time I voted in a primary election

I stood there rubbin’ my hair

‘cause I couldn’t vote for this’n here

and also that one o’er there

I just wanted to help get their confidence up 

early on in the season

but I could only vote for either one or neither one

depending on my reason


You can pick who you want from the G.O.P.

or try the Blue team on for a while

you can pick yer own nose and maybe yer toes

but not from both sides of ‘the isle’


The result is, I’m thinkin’, a show run by hardliners 

from caucus through primaries to elections

so that all we hear is rhetoric and fear

with each side making corrections 


In the end we get incompetence, tradeoffs and waste

assorted boondoggles to taste, stupid rules to chaste

pork barrels untraced and confusion unlaced

it’s enough to give me the woggles!


So do we still vote or stand up at a caucus 

to support those we think’re pleasin’

try best to get to know those who run the show

and hope none of ‘em are in it for treason


Pleasant voting!

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Scott Clawson Scott Clawson No, he's not the electrician, he's the OTHER Scott Clawson, who's a quality builder when he's not busy busting a gut while writing his humor column for the first issue of each month, or drawing his Acres n' Pains cartoons.

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