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It's Your Party

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It's Your Party

and you can cry if you want to

I’ve been listening to the rhetoric of those who have vied

to be the one picked for the Republican ride

and I find it uncanny how they bite each other’s fanny

then endorse so completely the one not denied.


It’s amazing to me how one can change so much

from an “ignorant bastard” to “a guy so in touch.”

I keep smellin’ poop, from most of the group

which pleases my ears like a burned out clutch.


From a “dirt-bag” one minute to a “hero” the next

who no longer pulls lies out of some other’s context

but “stands true to his cause, well deserving applause

and he sounds even better when he genuflects!”


I was raised up Republican, a Montana kid

encouraged to hate the other side for something they did

but with exposure to the truth by more than one sleuth  

my convictions came suddenly in a shuddering skid.


The last time I voted for a Republican leader

I ended up casting that vote for a cheater.

“Well I’m not a crook!” he said with a look

and when he resigned it was that much sweeter.


So, why’d I back Nixon in ’72?

I was goaded to think so, “It’s the right thing to do.

“Ol’ McGovern’s too weak to continue our streak

and he’ll only make everything go totally askew.”


All too often we get horribly shanked

by buttheads of distinction who’re offshorely banked.

They’re in it for greed and make us all bleed

because it’s so easy to keep us outflanked.


“We, the people” have been dumbed-down enough

to the point, it seems, we don’t have the right stuff

to counter the too many lawyers in Washington’s foyers

who know how to cajole, bribe and bluff.


From all the crap pulled by the Federal Reserve

on behalf of their handlers with unabashed nerve,

there’s just no denyin’ the gains got by lyin’

to vastly increase the wealth they preserve.


There’s always a catastrophe that needs to be averted

by an idea from a think tank with a mission perverted.

I’ve felt for some time, things get screwed up by design

then we watch as our taxes get squandered and diverted.


There’s high expectations by the general masses

of a system so perfect, they can sit on their asses,

not get involved in the way things are solved

and put up with whatever passes.


A friend of mine said, scratchin’ the top of his head,

“I think they’re missin’ the #?<k’n point.”

“Oh no,” said I, letting out a big sigh,

“They are the #?<k’n point!”


When it comes to ‘public service’ and access to the vault,

it seems not in our power to get ‘em to halt

but we put ‘em all there according to their fair and square

and  the messes they make are only our fault!


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Scott Clawson Scott Clawson No, he's not the electrician, he's the OTHER Scott Clawson, who's a quality builder when he's not busy busting a gut while writing his humor column for the first issue of each month, or drawing his Acres n' Pains cartoons.

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