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It's All About the Frackin'

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It's All About the Frackin'

Energy production, in rhyme


A frackin’ we will go,

a frackin’ we will go,

we’ll make so much denario

when a frackin’ we all go.


It came about in ‘48

to get more oil to extricate.

There was oh so much to lubricate

so a frackin’ they did go.


Then came the notion to go inside

those shale deposits strewn far and wide.

By going this way they continued our ride

so a frackin’ they did go.


It was all so easy to get the okays

by injecting money before election days

and passing laws that they did phrase

so a frackin’ they did go.


“With a little help from our man Dick

‘The Clean Water Act’ is no longer a trick.

We’re absolved of complying with a thing so thick

so a frackin’ we shall go.”


“They’re secrets, you see, what we put below

to fracture the earth and increase the flow

Special things we’d rather you do not know

as a frackin’ we all go.”





“If you go surfin’ due to consternation

over rumors of problems through observation

good luck with all of the obfuscation

while a frackin’ we all go.”


From Mexico to Canada & shore to shore

they’ll drill and blast & bore & bore

until, by God, there aint no more

so a frackin’ they will go.


All they had do was wait and whittle

at both sides of the aisle from down the middle

‘til a barrel of crude cost eighty and a little

then a frackin’ they would go.


They play us easy with rhetoric and fear.

“There’s enough out west for a hunert year

and if you hear different then turn a deaf ear

as a frackin’ we will go.”


Never you mind all the water it takes

to frack each well from rivers and lakes

let alone the methane, ozone and quakes

as a frackin’ we do go.


And no need to worry about our ‘next’ of kin

for those generations we bequeath our sin

and the fact that without us they’d never have been!

So a frackin’ we all go!



On a lighter note: this poem was the culmination of a couple hundred hours of research causing nausea, bleary eyes, neck stiffness and headaches while mulling over the pros and cons of hydraulic fracturing of subterranean gas and oil deposits, or “fracking” for short.

 My only wish is for you to do some research of your own to develop an understanding of just where we’re going with this idea. It deserves your sincere attention.

 Here are a few places on the web to start looking. Try to keep an open and inquiring mind. Trust only the facts and take notes. Dig. 

 Simply Google: 


350.org,  The Halliburton Loophole, Ecowatch.org/shale fracking, the ‘fracact’, gag orders associated with gas fracking, Bakken oil shale deposits, Marcellus Shale Coalition, Fracking.org/fracking reports, USGS fracking study, Dangers of fracking.com, Frackfocus.org, Bakkenwatch.org, Truth-out.org/news/item/9934, Inglewood oil field fracking, Delaware Riverkeeper Network/fracking waste, Truth-out.org/item 8740, the Missoulian.com/article on Blackfoot Indian Reservation/ fracking.

 As a parting shot: If they’re so certain the process is safe, then why are the gas frackers exempt from complying with The Clean Water Act of ’75 signed into law by Pres. Nixon (amended by the Bush/Cheney Energy Policy bill of 2005, often referred to as the Halliburton Loophole)?



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