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Droning Along

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Droning Along

I see a few changes comin’ around.
There’s drones in the air and troops on the ground.   
So many eyes in the sky, you need not know why
other than terror is where you find it.

For those in the way or even on the fence,
we show little remorse, let alone recompense,
but throw money by the gobs at criminal slobs
hoping somehow it’ll someday make sense.  

Paybacks are hell as the saying goes,
made in our name, no matter the woes,
as we’ve listened for years without shedding tears
while innocents died in our throes.

Consider, if you will, being accused by a drone
for a terrorist bomber in a sensitive zone,
your kids get destroyed by a rocket deployed,
leaving you helpless to go on alone.

I cannot imagine being filled with respect
for anyone willing to do this unchecked,
for their homeland security or liberty’s purity,
without pausing even once to reflect.

I can see drones used for hundreds of uses,
from catching criminals to finding recluses,
for surveillance or mapping, snoopin’ or zapping
and a host of assorted ruses.

Evil gravitates to power and money.
The stronger that power the less it seems funny.
It’s set its sights on our old bill of rights.
Their goal is something less sunny.

Like the gunpowder of old, there’s no going back,
many thousands on board and many more on track.
So don’t get in the way, be careful where you play,
for a drone may not know you from Jack.

There’s missions of mercy and missions of prey
And what they get used for ain’t our place to say.
Whether guarding the border or a new world order,
there’s no question but to simply obey.

If you think it’s all good and even quite proper,
as long as you’ve got enough fries with your Whopper,
consider how you’ll be if you ever disagree
while hiding from an unmanned chopper.

Don’t think for a moment that you can never go along.
That our handlers can’t tell you your rights are wrong.
Keep your opinions in check; just say, “What the heck,
it has to be good if we’re strong!”

They can do anything now, as they’re writing this play
and it isn’t your place to question their way.
Don’t be concerned, live right or get burned.
They can have you in chains any day.

The more knowledge they gather, more power they’ve got,
until more and more, you’re just another robot.
Put your head down and pray for that bright new day
and you’d better get off the pot.

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Scott Clawson Scott Clawson No, he's not the electrician, he's the OTHER Scott Clawson, who's a quality builder when he's not busy busting a gut while writing his humor column for the first issue of each month, or drawing his Acres n' Pains cartoons.

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