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This Ain't No Musical

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But you can hum along anyway

Once upon a time in the land of milk and honey

money was easy and things were bright and sunny.

But they lost their grip on their can-do trip

and the results were anything but funny.

This is just a rerun, one of the oldest plays around,

for it seems like every damn Titanic is determined to run its self aground.

Don’t ignore what’s gone on before, to be sure it’ll happen again

‘cause you can’t see where yer goin’ if you don’t care where we’ve been.

There’s an election ahead with some important decisions.

We could use honesty and compassion better’n constant derisions.

It doesn’t matter if yer functionally illiterate or literally dysfunctional,

a ‘type A’ go-getter or one who’s extremely dysfunctional.

As far as I can tell, the only difference ‘tween the two major parties

is who gets the gravy and control of the armies.

Deception and rhetoric are the tools of the trade

and whoever wins in November is bound to have it made.

You have to be connected to ever get elected, so everybody’s fingers are in every other’s pies

while constantly assertin’ that “It’s all a pack of lies!”

“It’s been taken out of context, spun in someone else’s favor

for if you say it backwards, it has a completely different flavor!”

If you twiddle the meaning of ‘is’ enough, then explaining yerself ain’t all that tough,

‘cause sexual relations with a lovely young intern could be secular revelations in a lively run mid-term.

Or something like that anyways. It probably won’t change until the end of days.

It’s been this way forever and yonder, I even suspect it’s a natural wonder.

Just a piece of our gearing, to wit, predetermined; from Alexander the Great to Pee Wee Herman.

Ergo, ego, altered or not, is the driving force of this condition we’ve got.

Where many ‘improvements,’ freely sought, are often the result of an ignominous snot.

That’s pretty much our system, for better or worse.

If it weren’t for this ol’ crap, ‘bout what would we converse?

The weather? I don’t think so, it’s not near enough perverse

to lead our jaded noses through our shrinking universe.

Politics provides such an elegant example of all the ways people can openly trample

their own set of convenants, taboos and beliefs with every opportunity to drop their own briefs.

Ego is the gasoline of these invented minds. The cattle prod for ideas that would otherwise find

that they’re just goin’ nowhere ‘cept to rattle around behind some complacent behavior and never be found.

If we could all run around on hot air and lies instead of oil from assholes with which we have ties,

I’d venture to say we’d have it quite easy and not have to brownnose despots that’re sleazy.

America has so many boardrooms with brain trusts and think tanks,

a workin’ things out for fat heads with banks.

So I can’t help but think it’s by some orchestration

that energy problems plague our busy nation.

Big profits they’re showin’ even when the economy ain’t growin’,

irregardless of which way the wind might be blowin.’

They know how we got here and plan where we’re goin’

and successfully hide things they don’t want us knowin.’

Double standards abound and are quire often found to be exercised by the most righteous among us,

who, through dogma and rhetoric, would like us to act and think like a pathetic old nation of fungus.

I remember a movement a little ways back in the past

but the climate has changed and I pray it won’t last.

We used to rally to the cause of PEACE and LOVE

but I fear, as before, when push comes to shove, ‘tis the eagle who eats the dove.

Get involved, ask tough questions, get answers and VOTE WELL AND COMPLETELY. Good luck!


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