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Thanksgiving is...

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a reminder of thankfulness in verse

A day for taking stock of all that you’ve got and maybe goin’ fer a walk

or havin’ a good talk, maybe at the same time.

With family or friends, a pullin’ up stories about life’s little bends

and making amends for whatever reason or crime.

Like that time at Grandma’s when the whole dern family was there

and you shot peas from yer nose to prove you had hair

which was immediately removed from your ego with ease

by a big grumpy frown who put you over his knees.

But a day for thanks giving ain’t nearly enough

to property give thanks fer all of our stuff.

What about the things we’ve taken for granted

like the crops from seeds that others have planted?

Genuis and toil have brought us this far

from refridgerator to the family car.

The things we use on a regular basis

that help to keep our lives in relative stasis.

Our power to reason is reason enough

to give thanks for this season for a life less tough.

We don’t live in caves or have to chase our dinner

but I bet if we did, we’d be a whole lot thinner.

Through study and work, others have paid our dues

and because of this, I don’t have to make my own screws.

And being a carpenter, I can say this with ease,

without input from others, lumber’d still be in trees.

We’ve gone from smackin’ rocks to a click of the Bic,

back a hundred years or so would’ve been one hell of a trick.

Or even jump in your ride and goin’ fifty miles one way

put in eight hours and get on back every day.

From stone scrapers to carbide, we’ve made great advances

at livin’ instead of dyin’, so we’ve got a lot better chances.

I prefer flippin’ switches ‘stead of packin’ around candles

or tanning some hides for to make my own sandals.

I knd of sounds novel to go backwards in time

when life was much simipler and far more sublime.

But it’s always been crazy this planet of ours

things are no different now, there’s just different powers.

Chaos and greed pretty much run this old show,

I ain’t pointing fingers but I know what I know.

We’ve all been guilty of takin’ fer granted

A standard of livin’ that’s heavily slanted.

There’s a few billion people that’s tryin’ like hell

to have it our way and it’s not a hard sell.

To have the amenities, the thrills and the pay,

to be able to work and still go somewheres to play.

But the vast majority is under some stresses

from lacking most everything ‘cept ecological messes

to despotic rulers who see no other courses

other ‘n harrangin’ their people with a big show of forces.

So this Thanksgiving as yer sayin’ graces

I’d like to see a smile all over yer faces,

for the realization that yer luckier’n most

‘cause you weren’t born without privelege and poor as a post. AMEN


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Scott Clawson Scott Clawson No, he's not the electrician, he's the OTHER Scott Clawson, who's a quality builder when he's not busy busting a gut while writing his humor column for the first issue of each month, or drawing his Acres n' Pains cartoons.

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