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What's in yer water?

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What's in yer water?

A not-so-funny look at flouride

I’ve got a friend who lives in Sandpoint. Well, actually, I have several, but this particular one has her mood bunched up over the subject of water flouridation, a topic I’ve seldom contemplated in my 57 years of contemplatin’.

I get my water from 300 feet under my Careywood butt and I enjoy every sip, gulp and glug of it. I’ve had one cavity. I brush.

Well, anyways, I’ve done some pokin’ around in a few websites lately and I think I even hurt my contemplater! I came to one conclusion early on and that is I’m damn glad I get my water where I do and grateful that it’s deep.

Flouride is a highly toxic substance, no ifs, ands or buttheads. Yet, and this is a big yet, it is produced in great quantities as an unfortunate by-product of the phosphate fertilizer and aluminum industries, driven country wide and sprinkled into two-thirds of the nation’s municipal water systems. “Only two-thirds?” you say. Those responsible (or not) want to see that increased to 75 percent next year.

The original concept sprang from the war department back in the ‘40s. They had to devise a way to get rid of mountains of this dangerous by-product from the A-bomb program and apparently they figured that since most of the uranium had been removed, it was then safe enough to hide in the public water systems. They had their own scientists label it safe enough for the economy (like leaded gas, DDT, asbestos and good ol’ Agent Orange). Sounds to me like adding flouride to everyone’s water is simply a very clever way to get rid of nuisance toxic waste and hide it literally under our noses.

After 50 years of water flouridation there have been zero chronic health studies on silicaflourides and all studies to date by the people who have pull were done using pharmaceutical grade sodium flouride, not the cheap stuff scrubbed from the stacks at fertlizer and aluminum plans like hydraflourasilica or flouosilicic acid (Sandpoint’s choice) and sodium silicoflouride. According to what I’ve also read, these also come with other groovy sidekicks like mercury and arsenic. Those same facilities are also responsible for some rather large problems out their back door. According to a 1972 report, the USDA stated “Airborne flourides have caused more worldwide damage to domestic (hey, how ‘bout the wild?) animals than any other air pollutant.” And we have many.

“... but the standards that are set were financed by the industries that were responsible for getting sued for pollution.” That’s according to the EPA’s Criteria Document. For a good ol’ case of heartburn, go online here.  Then go try and take a nap!

Actually, the research that hasn’t been done is beyond overwhelming. Or if it has, the info has been safely kept away from yer worry wart (for reasons you don’t need to know).

The EPA’s Headquarters Professionals Union, made up of roughly 1,500 scientists, lawyers, engineers and others, opposes water flouridation based on studies documenting increased out-of-control exposure to flouride, lack of dental benefit from ingestion, hazards to human health (how about your pets?) from that same ingestion, including kidney damage, bone cancer, neurotoxicity, brittle bones, gene mutations, dental flourosis, etc., etc., etc. Bad times and big bills.

The Flouride Action Network has a website you should definitely visit and they have a startling list of reasons to stop flouridation of drinking water. Check ‘em out at flouridealert.org.

They also call for an immediate halt to the use of the nation’s drinking water reservoirs as disposal sites for the toxic waste of the fertilizer industry. Bingo!

Overexposure is a huge concern! And if it gets past yer epiglottis, it’s overexposure! Flouride is effective as a detifrice if it’s applied topically. It’s an effective poison if it’s swallowed. Even the American Dental Association admits tap water should not be used to mix infant formulas.

A curious fact I bet most mothers are not aware of.

As applied, it is actually a medication, given to all (well, actually, you buy it with your taxes) like it or not. This kind of flies in the face of the constitutionally guaranteed right to choose yer own.

Only three percent of western Europe is gullible enough to accept flouridated water. They are healthier than us, and enjoy way less problems associated (by many) with flouride overexposure (flouride toxicity).

Flouride is bio-accumulative. Stored in your bones, it probably has a lot to do with osteoporosis, hip fractures and the like. Kidneys don’t do well on it, not yer thyroid. Shall I go on? Go online! See for yourself. Check out “The Flouride Deception” by Christopher Bryson on You-Tube (watch it here). It’ll open your eyes.

The Chinese are now getting the drift that flouride is reducing the IQs of their children. Other tidbits I’ve found include the Soviets using it for mind-control; the Nazis used it a lot, and not for dental hygeine, either. There’s also links to ADD and hyperactivity.

Downstreamers are complaining about elevated levels of flouride causing salmon to avoid their rivers of origin. Where would a salmon spawn if it can’t go home? To find out, search out the Columbia Riverkeepers website.

And then there are people who are downright allergic to it, with no or low tolerance. Like bee stings, which don’t bother me, but make others swell up something fierce. And there’s some who die from it. What’s your level of flouride tolerance. How ‘bout your kids’?

Here’s the rub, and it ain’t barbeque sauce; what if everything you ate, drank and drooled on was also flouridated. A feat not all that absurd in this day and age. Foods and beverages (and there are many) that use flouridated water in processing add even more to your body. Think hard on that one.

How many times have you taken a mouth full of wate rand swished it through your teeth so it will actually do some good before it goes down to do some damage? Systemic exposure to a topical medication for your teeth. Hmm, would you drink sunblock? How about hair conditioner? Wart remover?

Early research, according to one site I visited, showed that flouride ingestion caused complacency and even addiction (poisons will do that in low doses) which could be handy at stifling unrest in a population.

So, how complacent have you become? Ask yer ‘other half.’ If that half says “Who gives a rat’s @$$?” then yer both gettin’ too much.

Which leads me to ignore-ance. A condition not of education (or lack of it) but of just plain ignoring, like the wishes of constituents, evidence brought forward (even if it needs to be ‘hardened’) and the most important... your own well-being.

So here’s your chance to do a little research into what yer drinkin’. Water is everywhere, in everything, essential to everything yet we treat it like a low-grade commodity gret for flushing the system of things it’d sooner forget, like flouride.

The road to ignore-ance is paved with good contributions. So contribute your good opinion to those who run the show. If that doesn’t get you any satisfaction, open a can o’ whoop ass with the next ballot you fill out!

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