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Don't quit smoking when you're going camping

Day 1: Jinx

Stacey, Billie Jaye, Aspen and I are off on our annual “girls camp out”.  We are driving up to the Yaak to a beautiful spot there and staying four days. There is only one catch. Stacey chose TODAY to quit smoking. So far things are going good. The RV is packed up, not too much grumbling. Now, I have to actually go GET Stacey. I may need to buy more alcohol.

Day one: Stacey

Mom, Billie, Aspen and I are going on our camping trip. It’s usually a lot of fun, but I have decided to quit smoking today. I thought it would be better if I was away from everybody the first few days of nicotine fits. Mom says she understands and will be patient with me. I hope we all come back alive. We may need to buy more alcohol.

Day 2: Jinx

Stacey seems pretty calm on the outside, kind of determined. We did have one rather snappy moment earlier, but Billie and I managed to dodge the worst of it. All she does is talk about smoking and cigarettes though. She has even threatened to try to roll a few maple leaves up. All in all, it’s not too bad. TODAY.

Day Two: Stacey

I am doing pretty good today. Mom has only threatened to dunk my head in the Yaak River a few times. There is a smoker in the next campsite over. I can smell it. Mom keeps bothering me about sitting on the edge of THEIR campsite. I can’t help it. The aroma wafts over towards me and I am drawn to it. The entire forest looks like tall beautiful cigarettes and each bush looks like a butt.  The smoker next door is smoking again. I hope I can do this.

Day 3:Jinx

We have all survived so far. Stacey is doing well, trying to eat everything in sight every time that craving comes along. She paces a lot too. There is a clean trail between our camp and the river where she has walked constantly. Of course Billie and Aspen trail close behind her throwing rocks and picking flowers. One of us is very crabby and I am pretty sure it’s not me. Banjo doesn’t know how lucky he is right now!

Day Three: Stacey

I wish someone would tell me why I decided to quit smoking the day we were leaving for a nice, relaxing camping trip. Mom keeps throwing out words like emphysema and congestive heart failure and oxygen tanks, when all I really want her to do is shut up!  I am NOT THAT CRABBY.

Day 4: Jinx

Camping while Stacey is quitting smoking isn’t the wisest move I have ever made. In fact, it’s down right dumb. One of us has a death wish, I am just not real sure who it is yet. Stacey is doing this cold turkey, which is brave. I admire her for it, but at the same time I have a strange and strong desire to duct tape her to a tree and leave her there until things get better, which she says could be a very long while. I don’t smoke, so I don’t know the fight she is having with herself, but this camping trip is getting long. I should have brought sedatives, LOTS of sedatives.

Day Four: Stacey

Mom finally shut up, which is scary and I think I may have traumatized her somehow. We haven’t seen any animals on this trip, Mom says it’s because I frightened them away. We are going home today, and I don’t know how good that is. Four days of no smoking, I am proud of myself! We are all still alive and most of us are smiling. I am glad Billie doesn’t know what’s going on.  I think I am going to quit drinking coffee too. Every morning I used to have a cup of coffee and a cigarette. Maybe its time to just quit them both. I hope Mom is ready for this.

Day 5: Jinx

Stacey decided we weren’t finished camping yet, so after we made it back to Clark Fork, we decided to go to Denton Sleuth to camp again. She informed me that she has decided to quit drinking coffee along with the not smoking.  I am going along with this now because she needs the support, but if she tells me she is going to become a vegetarian, I am through! I mean, it. I am going to go to the Cabinet Mountain Bar and Grill, have 10 cigarettes, float a keg, eat a steak and drink a pot of coffee.

Day Five: Stacey

I don’t know which I crave more, a cigarette or coffee. A shower did help both cravings and I am determined to beat these addictions. I just don’t want to go through the rest of my life, NEEDING something like that.  I think I am better today, not quite so quick to anger or whine. We will go back home tomorrow and stay, I hope Banjo can take it!

As of now, Stacey has been a non smoker for almost 2 weeks. I have to admit, I am very proud of her determination. She says she feels better and although the cravings are still a fight, she feels that she will overcome them slowly. While I did make fun of her a bit, maybe a little MORE than a bit, quitting is no laughing matter!

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