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Acres n' Pains

Got Tat, Too?

Before I go on, let me say this: tattoos can be pretty cool, but for a few minor details. Roughly a thousand years ago, as I ... Full story

Whacking Poetic

When your weed-whacker gets out of control ... Full story

Acres n' Pains 04_2010

Funny, you don't look Hispanic

Acres n' Pains

I'll give you a treat if you fetch my slippers

Acres n' Pains Nov 2009

It's a good thing you came in. Yer almost a half a bubble off!

Acres n' Pains Oct 2009

Leavin' the dog at home

Acres n' Pains Sep 2009

I told you not to open that!

Acres n' Pains Aug. 2009

I don't know whether to call a ranger, or just set out another plate

Acres n' Pains July 2009

Welcome to Sandpoint. Our water is fluoridated. Swish, don't swallow.

Acres n' Pains Jun 2009

Put down your weapon, earthling, and step away from our sister ship

Acres n' Pains May 2009

Happy Mother's Day! I made you breakfast but the firemen got it all wet

Acres n' Pains Apr 2009

I said, bring me a pair of PLIERS

Acres n' Pain Jan 2009

In a bold, new move, Congress just allocated another five hundred billion (click)

Acres n' Pain Dec 2008

Now I lay me down to sleep, I pray that Santa won't be cheap, and bring me what I wish to get, or I'll have to throw a tizzy fit. Amen

Acres n' Pain Nov 2008

Issues, schmissues! I wanna see a wattle in the White House again!

Acres n' Pains Oct 2008

Get this away from the house 'til after deer season

Acres n' Pains Sep 2008

Yes, I'd like to discuss the possible side effects of our dog's medication

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