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Acres n' Pains

Acres n' Pain Dec 2008

Now I lay me down to sleep, I pray that Santa won't be cheap, and bring me what I wish to get, or I'll have to throw a tizzy fit. Amen

Acres n' Pain Nov 2008

Issues, schmissues! I wanna see a wattle in the White House again!

Acres n' Pains Oct 2008

Get this away from the house 'til after deer season

Acres n' Pains Sep 2008

Yes, I'd like to discuss the possible side effects of our dog's medication

Acres n' Pains Aug. 2008

Although infrequently, bull moose have been known to show off during rut

Acres n' Pains 23 Jul 2008

Clouds approaching... is it gonna rain?

Acres n' Pain 25 Jun 2008

Mowing Incentive

Acres n' Pains 28 May 2008

We don't know where he gets it, neither one of us can cook!

Acres n' Pains 14 May 2008

Too Soon to Till

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