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East Fork Peak #563

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East Fork Peak #563

Hike #363


Jul 26, 2010no longer existing East Fork Peak #563…hike # 363

98° and sunny

 We thought of still yet another hike up the long and twisty Trestle Creek Rd but what makes it more endurable is they have now almost completed the rock work on it - it is almost a pleasure to drive the 40 miles on it now. We have never done the complete loop from the Hwy 2 in Hope, up Trestle Creek Road and up and around and down to Clark Fork. It has been four years now since the 300-year flood occurred and totally devastated the river, washed out roads and bridges and left some homeless. It was unbelievable. Our very first Monday hike was up this way to Morris Creek trail and we could not believe the damage that lay before our eyes. We didn’t get too far that day after taking shortcuts thru the woods and trying to cross the river where bridges used to stand. Nature is so powerful as is moving water…water just goes where it wants to!

All the trail info for this hike I could find was written pre flood days so we knew that it could be tricky…in fact, finding the trailhead even back then was a challenge as it was not marked well. After a long roundabout way driving to the trailhead…once again my mind reading abilities were put to the test…we were hit with horrible heat as we got out of the truck. Starting out was okay but trying to guess the location of where to cross the creek was impossible. And even if we did find it, it then involves a 150 vertical foot hike upward to get to the start of the trail. We saw nothing that resembled either a creek crossing or a vertical hike! One book stated that at the creek we would ‘find a log across the creek but that it was tricky to negotiate walking across it’! That information was now useless since the flood.

We walked as far as it looked like the trail went, turned around and on the way back, walked down every likely overgrown ‘path’ to the creek….nothing but old downed trees and steep drop-offs. Finally, almost back to the truck, and checking the GPS, we saw where the crossing might be but there was really nothing of the sort…not only was there no place to cross the creek but looking over to the other side left all evidence of a trail leading up 150’ to the imagination. So adding this to our knowledge base, we concluded that the flood completely annihilated all possible ways to get to the top of East Fork Peak! And I now know why there was no trail number posted at the beginning…because there is no more trail! In better times, this was only a 6 mile round trip hike but the elevation gain is 3200’ As in STEEP! We ate our lunch in the truck with A/C turned up high.

It was almost too late at this point to begin another hike somewhere else so we just drove out of the woods and enjoyed the beautiful drive around the lake back to Sandpoint. It was a spectacularly clear day albeit beastly hot. After a short but hot hike, it was good to be in the truck BUT the day was way too much ‘truck time’ for me. And that I survived two road rage episodes makes it a very good day.

  • Left home                    8:30
  • Began                           10:30
  • Back to truck               1:00
  • Total miles hiked          4 miles
  • Total hiking time            hours,   minutes


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Betsy Fulling Betsy Fulling In 2002, after a bout with cancer and wanting her energy back, Betsy Fulling began hiking with her husband Jim. Regardless of the weather they go into the high country every week - in eight years, she has only missed five times.

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