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DeSoto Parish Louisiana Cemetery Transcriptions

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General Alfred Mouton monument at Mansfield, Louisiana. Photo by Billy Hathorn, and used under the GNU Free Documentation License. General Alfred Mouton monument at Mansfield, Louisiana. Photo by Billy Hathorn, and used under the GNU Free Documentation License.

Almost 11,000 transcriptions from over 100 cemeteries in DeSoto Parish, Louisiana


I have never walked through a cemetery in DeSoto Parish. There are almost 1,700 miles between my home in the Rocky Mountains of nothern Idaho and the, in what appears to me in photographs, more gentle topography of DeSoto. Nonetheless I have spent many hours scrolling virtually through cemetery databases for the area, looking for some hint of my family who lived there in the early 1800s.

I have been able to do this thanks only to the efforts of those who did go out and walk these cemeteries, laboriously writing down information from tombstones, and then transcribing that information into a form that would make it accessible to all others unable to do so in person.

Despite all these hours, I have never found my family in the cemeteries of DeSoto Parish. Perhaps they weren’t ever buried there, or perhaps their stones remain to be found in the cemeteries not yet transcribed. Transcriptions—both full and partial—from over 100 cemeteries can be found in the following pages, but there are more cemeteries in the Parish that have yet to have been walked by someone willing to take the time to write down what they find there, and share it with the rest of the world. There may even be cemeteries waiting to be discovered when some family seeks to cut down trees and clear out brush to create a new home in this place of our ancestors. Some of the cemeteries not included in these transcriptions include Cook, Cresswell, Flanagan, Flores, Gatlin, Guy, Old Home and Spanish.

It is my hope, however, that you will find your family here. If you do, this is just your first step. I cannot encourage you enough, if you find your family here, to examine the source information that’s listed. Many times there is further information to discover! For example, some of the websites listed have included photographs of tombstones; others have included family information from their own research that isn’t a part of the cemetery information listed here.

In addition, if you find this information helpful, please consider supporting the many different projects listed here who provide this information to us. From the county genealogy website for DeSoto Parish to such specialty websites as Find a Grave and Cemeteries of Texas, there are many angels out there doing work that helps us all as we search for information on our family members. Your own hard work, or even your own hard-earned dollars, would be much appreciated, I’m sure, by any of these groups.

A couple of notes on the information that follows. Unless something indicated to me otherwise, when only one date was listed on an inscription I listed that date as a date of death. If you don’t find a family member listed even though you’re certain they were buried in a given cemetery, please check all the listings for that cemetery: their name could have been entered incorrectly to begin with, or I might have introduced an error in my own transcription. Also, again check the source information to see if that database might provide information you didn’t find in these pages.

I hope you find this information helpful.

-Trish Gannon, Clark Fork, Idaho


Cemeteries in this document include:

Cemetery    Source    # of Graves    Link
All Saints Episcopal    US Genweb Archives    17    http://tinyurl.com/6k2vcer
Allen    Desoto Book    220    http://tinyurl.com/6gxfj5j
Antioch    Desoto Book    60    http://tinyurl.com/6gxfj5j
Baptist Chapel    Cemeteries of Texas    35    http://tinyurl.com/66hs9xe
Barber    Desoto Book    88    http://tinyurl.com/6gxfj5j
Barnes Memorial    Cemeteries of Texas    15    http://tinyurl.com/4qw2682
Belle Bower    Cemeteries of Texas    38    http://tinyurl.com/5svety4
Benson    Desoto Book    95    http://tinyurl.com/6gxfj5j
Bethel    Desoto Book    216    http://tinyurl.com/6gxfj5j
Bethel Baptist    Find a Grave    9    http://tinyurl.com/5r4vgp4
Bethlehem    Find a Grave    3    http://tinyurl.com/68mmg6x
Beulah    Desoto Book    29    http://tinyurl.com/6gxfj5j
Beulah Baptist    I Dream of Genealogy    64    http://tinyurl.com/4tqy3po
Bonchest    Find a Grave    1    http://tinyurl.com/687kz4h
Canaan    Find a Grave    4    http://tinyurl.com/4ca6tc7
Carmel    Desoto Book    235    http://tinyurl.com/6gxfj5j
Chreene    Cemeteries of Texas    118    http://tinyurl.com/47w8jqg
Clark Cemetery    I Dream of Genealogy    17    http://tinyurl.com/5v2bz67
Confederate Memorial    Cemeteries of Texas    14    http://tinyurl.com/5rn33ro
Cool Springs    Desoto Book    246    http://tinyurl.com/6gxfj5j
DeSoto Hill    Desoto Book    4    http://tinyurl.com/6gxfj5j
Dill    Desoto Book    14    http://tinyurl.com/6gxfj5j
Ebenezer    Desoto Book    72    http://tinyurl.com/6gxfj5j
Elizabeth Baptist    Find a Grave    20    http://tinyurl.com/4qumngn
Episcopal Church    Desoto Book    18    http://tinyurl.com/6gxfj5j
Evans Family    Desoto Book    6    http://tinyurl.com/6gxfj5j
Evergreen    Desoto Book    135    http://tinyurl.com/6gxfj5j
Faltine Baptist    Find a Grave    1    http://tinyurl.com/6cpoxxd
Fleniken Family    Desoto Book    12    http://tinyurl.com/6gxfj5j
Flower Hill    Find a Grave    2    http://tinyurl.com/5szfz8k
Fortson    Desoto Book    5    http://tinyurl.com/6gxfj5j
Fortson Family    Desoto Book    7    http://tinyurl.com/6gxfj5j
Frazier    Find a Grave    5    http://tinyurl.com/6zanyuo
Friendship    Find a Grave    86    http://tinyurl.com/4h5gf5z
Gamble or Schuler    Desoto Book    72    http://tinyurl.com/6gxfj5j
Gethsemane Baptist    Find a Grave    43    http://tinyurl.com/4v2qvc6
Gloster    Desoto Book    55    http://tinyurl.com/6gxfj5j
Good Hope    Find a Grave    15    http://tinyurl.com/6xprqtv
Grand Cane    Desoto Book    453    http://tinyurl.com/6gxfj5j
Gravel Point Catholic    Desoto Book    40    http://tinyurl.com/6gxfj5j
Griffin Family    Find a Grave    5    http://tinyurl.com/6jycrb4
Grove Hill    Desoto Book    316    http://tinyurl.com/6gxfj5j
Haden Family    Desoto Book    2    http://tinyurl.com/6gxfj5j
Hazelwood    LA Cemeteries    80    http://tinyurl.com/4a59jlc
Highland    Desoto Book    777    http://tinyurl.com/6gxfj5j
Hog Eye    Cemeteries of Texas    50    http://tinyurl.com/66fxuz5
Hog Eye    Desoto Book    25    http://tinyurl.com/6gxfj5j
Holmes    Cemeteries of Texas    33    http://tinyurl.com/5voml63
Horn    Cemeteries of Texas    7    http://tinyurl.com/6h3tuj8
Keatchie    Desoto Book    262    http://tinyurl.com/6gxfj5j
Keatchie Confederate    Find a Grave    20    http://tinyurl.com/6bdcnb4
Liberty CME    Find a Grave    2    http://tinyurl.com/4uldeeg
Logansport    Cemeteries of Texas    246    http://tinyurl.com/6huz8kd
Logansport Community    Find a Grave    34    http://tinyurl.com/4a8ehtu
Longstreet    Desoto Book    238    http://tinyurl.com/6gxfj5j
Magnolia Baptist    Find a Grave    81    http://tinyurl.com/45hslw5
Magnolia Memorial    I Dream of Genealogy    102    http://tinyurl.com/4nqk2y4
Mansfield    Desoto Book    705    http://tinyurl.com/6gxfj5j
Mansfield (DAR Records)    Desoto Book    16    http://tinyurl.com/6gxfj5j
Mansfield New Section    Desoto Book    114    http://tinyurl.com/6gxfj5j
Mares    Cemeteries of Texas    11    http://tinyurl.com/49kxzja
Marshall Chapel CME    Find a Grave    2    http://tinyurl.com/682fth3
Mary Evergreen    DeSoto Genweb    3    http://tinyurl.com/5rmaheh
Mary Evergreen    Find a Grave    105    http://tinyurl.com/4afr7f2
Matthews Family    DeSoto Book    4    http://tinyurl.com/6gxfj5j
McMillen Booten    Find a Grave    13    http://tinyurl.com/6ka6xas
Morning Star    Find a Grave    83    http://tinyurl.com/49749lq
Moseley Cemetery    Desoto Book    16    http://tinyurl.com/6gxfj5j
Moses Rose Historical    Find a Grave    5    http://tinyurl.com/6953fy9
Mt Olivet    Cemeteries of Texas    1116    http://tinyurl.com/4ssop4v
Mt. Height    Find a Grave    22    http://tinyurl.com/49tfclm
Mt. Moriah Baptist    Find a Grave    10    http://tinyurl.com/65duzsc
Mt. Zion    Find a Grave    7    http://tinyurl.com/4h3xkjh
New Bethlehem Baptist    Find a Grave    1    http://tinyurl.com/6h2s3h7
New Friendship    Find a Grave    2    http://tinyurl.com/5sbemxx
New Hope Baptist    Find a Grave    7    http://tinyurl.com/66ppeu6
O.E. Price    Cemeteries of Texas    582    http://tinyurl.com/4pw3943
Old Camp Ground    US Genweb Archives    29    http://tinyurl.com/5tonyl9
Old Camp Ground (additional)    Desoto Book    12    http://tinyurl.com/6gxfj5j
Old Cherene    Desoto Book    39    http://tinyurl.com/6gxfj5j

Old Friendship    Desoto Book    76    http://tinyurl.com/6gxfj5j

Old Pleasant Hill    US Genweb Archives    134    http://tinyurl.com/4pcg3os

Old Salem    Desoto Book    45    http://tinyurl.com/6gxfj5j

Old Salem    US Genweb Archives    20    http://tinyurl.com/5uozlmo
Old Union    US Genweb Archives    268    http://tinyurl.com/457poc3

Oxford    Desoto Book    52    http://tinyurl.com/6gxfj5j
Pegues Stephenson    US Genweb Archives    67    http://tinyurl.com/6yxykos

Pelican    County Genweb    456    http://tinyurl.com/4h6nfc3
Phillip’s Chapel    US Genweb Archives    26    http://tinyurl.com/6gfhfbx
Pollard    I Dream of Genealogy    128    http://tinyurl.com/4kokxrh

Powell    Desoto Book    44    http://tinyurl.com/6gxfj5j
Providence Baptist    Find a Grave    11    http://tinyurl.com/6jdmdof
Prude    Interment Online    187    http://tinyurl.com/4afr7f2
Pyle    Cemeteries of Texas    20    http://tinyurl.com/4va2py7
Robinson    Find a Grave    1    http://tinyurl.com/5rb4zb4
Rockdale    US Genweb Archives    37    http://tinyurl.com/66952kx
Sebastian    US Genweb Archives    17    http://tinyurl.com/69n92xv
Shady Grove    Find a Grave    2    http://tinyurl.com/67flw9m
Shiloh Baptist    Find a Grave    81    http://tinyurl.com/4w75cos
Shiloh Methodist    Find a Grave    13    http://tinyurl.com/4rfpcl8
Slone    US Genweb Archives    141    http://tinyurl.com/4ahdt52
Smith    Cemeteries of Texas    5    http://tinyurl.com/6dmusrz
Smyrna    US Genweb Archives    176    http://tinyurl.com/4cvuj3d
Spring Ridge    Find a Grave    1    http://tinyurl.com/6flbpld
St. Ann Catholic    Find a Grave    18    http://tinyurl.com/4eecetp
St. Francis E.C.    Desoto Book    19    http://tinyurl.com/6gxfj5j
St. Marks    Find a Grave    3    http://tinyurl.com/6kth4kg

St. Marys Catholic    Desoto Book    133    http://tinyurl.com/6gxfj5j
St. Matthew Baptist    Find a Grave    1    http://tinyurl.com/6x9vtcp
St. Peter    Find a Grave    2    http://tinyurl.com/6747xwo
Stonewall    Find a Grave    11    http://tinyurl.com/4sofpgx

Stonewall    Desoto Book    176    http://tinyurl.com/6gxfj5j
Trenton    Find a Grave    33    http://tinyurl.com/4zne9a2
Trinity Episcopal    Find a Grave    3    http://tinyurl.com/6hlws62
Trinity Episcopal    La-Cemeteries.com    158    http://tinyurl.com/4tsdwzk
Truevine    Find a Grave    1    http://tinyurl.com/638kxte
Wallace    US Genweb Archives    83    http://tinyurl.com/4wcl533
Williams    US Genweb Archives    7    http://tinyurl.com/695vj46
Willis Dean Bennett    Cemeteries of Texas    4    http://tinyurl.com/6jzh9rg
Wood Springs Baptist    Find a Grave    1    http://tinyurl.com/5urwj4r

Woodside    Desoto Book    12    http://tinyurl.com/6gxfj5j

Yealock Family    Desoto Book    3    http://tinyurl.com/6gxfj5j
Zion Hill    Find a Grave    1    http://tinyurl.com/6gg8v2y

Zion’s Rest    US Genweb Archives    153    http://tinyurl.com/4qag5ns


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