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Global Warming Cover-ups

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With so much money spent on Climate study why all the surprising weather? Maybe it wasn't a surprise.


Human caused Global warming advocates have a problem.  For years they have been predicting imminent danger from rising sea level, increased hurricanes, and droughts accompanied by the end to cold weather, generally raising alarm about all manor of trends showing a warming earth.  But they've been wrong.  So wrong that many governments around the world have been caught off guard by colder and wetter weather than they were expecting. 
Now we find out there were warnings of flood damage in Australia and cold weather in England but these warnings were ignored or even covered up.
From Australia, today comes this article by the biggest-selling national newspaper "The Australian:"  A SECRET report by scientific and engineering experts warned of significantly greater risks of vast destruction from Brisbane River flooding
In England:  "The Global Warming Policy Foundation has called on the House of Commons Transport Select Committee to set up a parliamentary inquiry into the winter advice the Government received by the Met Office and the renewed failure of both the Government and local authorities to prepare the UK transport system for the third severe winter in a row."  "The Met Office has stated that it apparently warned the Cabinet Office in late October that the start of the winter would be exceptionally cold.  It would appear that the extreme weather warning was kept secret from the public."
Seems to me that so much money spent on claims of being able to predict what's going to happen in a hundred years would produce some safety benefits by predicting real dangers in the near term.  But now, with climate science missing and covering up the easily predicted return of the cooler wetter La Nina weather patterns, particularly the flooding in Australia, one Australian newspaper columnist confronts their equivalent to our Al Gore, Tim Flannery with some pointed questions about why his predictions have been so wrong. Here's a link to the transcript of that confrontation:   http://blogs.news.com.au/heraldsun/andrewbolt/index.php/heraldsun/comments/flannery_vs_bolt_transcript/


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Iconoclast 11/01/2012 11:56:35
It's "Global Warming Stupid." See ****://thinkprogress.org/climate/2012/11/01/1122241/bloomberg-businessweek-its-global-warming-stupid/
Iconoclast 10/20/2011 18:49:28

Your contention that the Earth’s climate is cooling flies in the face of the factual evidence. Assuming that you value verifiable evidence over unsubstantiated claptrap (such as that peddled by Anthony Watts and his ilk), I recommend that you take into consideration the facts presented at ****://thinkprogress.org/romm/2011/10/20/349544/berkeley-temperature-study-results-confirm-global-warming/.

Climate science has not yet reached the point where specific weather events can be attributed unequivocally to global warming. Nonetheless, there are strong indications that the increased moisture and heat content of the atmosphere is playing * significant role in the increasing frequency of extreme weather events such as those that occurred in the United States this year. Again, assuming that you are amenable to considering an evidence-based discussion of the matter, I recommend that you read ****://www.sciencedaily.com/releases/2011/10/111011121034.htm .
Jay Mock 01/15/2011 07:00:41
It's also important to note that if Global Warming means more and more powerful storms, the Florida State University dataset on Accumlated Cyclone Energy, (http://www.coaps.fsu.edu/~maue/tropical/) has this to say:

2010 is in the books: Global Tropical Cyclone Accumulated Cyclone Energy [ACE] remains lowest in at least three decades, and expected to decrease even further… For the calendar year 2010, a total of 46 tropical cyclones of tropical storm force developed in the Northern Hemisphere, the fewest since 1977.

For the calendar-year 2010, there were 66-tropical cyclones globally, the fewest in the reliable record (since 1970)!
Jay Mock 01/14/2011 19:38:48
The following is an email exchange with a friend who's name is not Mark.

Jay, I too can read, without going into all the why's, I contend, those of you who discount the warning signs staring you in the face every day, are simply not understanding what those signs mean. Warming or Cooling, which is it? Does it matter, one is as bad as the other in its own way. So why aren't we doing the smart thing, that is trying to bring our planet back to "neutral". It is easy to fix, we need only put all resources into renewable sustainable energy. Think Hemp! Mark

Mark, you can think hemp or alternative energy or whatever other good things you or other smart inventive people can think of. But the fact is we are not going to get any of those good things any more than we got solutions to health care. It's a SCAM. The thing they want is CO2 laws and an exchange board to trade it like SO2 did for Enron. Wishful thinking will not make the criminals go away. You can spoil their plans by not playing their game. Oh and the first rule is to stop hating. Hate is the principle ingredient to polarization. No polarization, and all of a sudden you understand who's the enemy.

Here's a hint about who the enemy is and it's not liberals or conservatives: Banks Stole Over 1 Million U.S. Homes in 2010 and could surpass that number this year! http://theintelhub.com/2011/01/13/u-s-banks-stole-over-1-million-homes-in-2010/

Negative energy or thoughts never produce anything. The scam you refer to is coming from the mouths of those who don't believe in alternative solutions. They can talk big, but no action. Obama, on the other hand is doing his best to move the country in that direction. He has started and funded more alternative solutions in two years than have been done in the past 100 years or maybe forever. Here in Hawaii, with our new Governor Neil Abercrombie, we are rapidly making the move to sustainability thanks to Obama's initiatives. This is not the only place in the U.S. this is happening. You should at least try to see the positive side, instead of looking for conspiracies. As to hate, Fox News sets the tone for bad behavior concerning language. It amazes me that anyone is so dumb and easily led that they give any credibility to the Fox Network. Mark

Really! What has -- "rain puddles in heaven," Pakistan oBomber -- done toward building Thorium nuclear power reactors? Doesn't he get along well enough with the military industrial complex, to take away their Plutonium and Tritium bombs? He sure gives them enough money otherwise to make them friendly.

What has he done to convert to electric cars and clean up coal to power them if the military won't let him have Thorium power? He promised to kill coal for his other buddies and the EPA is at work doing that.

Why so much emphasis on marginal sources of alternative energy? There's huge wind power facilities failing and crushing their investors, and those investors will never return to alternative energy. But many of them were tax payers and they never felt a thing of course. T. Boone Pickens, chairman of BP Capital Management, has gotten his grants and quit the wind business. Even his competitor oil company buddies loved to see proof alternative energy doesn't pay.

Tell me again just how serious is Pakistan oBomber? Jay
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