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Hidden in Plain Sight

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"It is the mark of an educated mind to be able to entertain a thought without accepting it." - Aristotle.


Ever see those optical illusions, drawings that are of one thing but integrated into that dominate figure are hidden images of other things?  A drawing of a tree but buried in it's branches are faces?  And when you see the hidden faces, it's a surprise.  And even the second time you look, the hidden images don't jump out at you but still require concentration.  Well, I believe there are hidden facts and issues in the information we are presented in normal everyday sources, that is, TV news, daily papers and, even major magazines.   For over half century of only seeing the dominate image I am now seeing hidden images.  You're most likely going to dismiss this as lunacy and just as it is difficult to point out for others what you see behind the dominate image, it is likewise hard to explain what is also hidden in politics and the news.

Finding the hidden images can be a fun thing.  Especially when seeing these hidden images make more sense of so many otherwise puzzling, incongruous, contradicting, and absurd methods the artist used when drawing the dominate image.  By seeing the hidden images it becomes clear why the artist simply had to draw the obvious part of the image in that abnormal, slightly askew way.  He had to do it in order to hide the hidden part in the dominate image.


There is one particular set of optical illusions which is very hard to show people.  Those are the ones that are three dimensional.  They will have a horse in the picture, for instance, but when you focus behind the picture you see a three dimensional horse that you did not see at first.  And part of the difficulty trying to tell someone about the 3D horse, arises in communications.  They already see a horse but it's only a two dimensional one.  You both see a horse but there is an additional obstacle to communications making the hidden object even harder to point out.

But the reason I am talking about hidden images and the difficulty of seeing them is because I want to tell you about something hidden in the dominate image.  It's hidden in plain sight but most don't see it.  It's difficult to talk about because it involves politics and what some people categorize as 'conspiracy theory.'  There is much controversy over what is a 'conspiracy' and added to that many people don't like to talk politics, so if you would, please reserve any preconceived thoughts about those two things until I have attempted to point out the hidden image in the dominate belief picture of our society.  And yes what I'm trying to tell you is that huge.

It's so huge I believe that if a majority of our culture were to see these hidden images, many of the problems and ills of society would simply not exist.  Those who paint the dominate picture could no longer hide the 'hidden' images.  Everyone could see them immediately and they would no longer be hidden.  And in plain sight the hidden parts would not be tolerated.  Everyone would see right away what is going on and would stop it as soon as the picture was being painted.  As it is now, the picture gets painted but hidden parts must be included, they can't simply be painted over to cover them up, so instead they are painted in such a way that even though they are still there, hardly anyone notices them. 

What I'm saying is that these hidden images are significant to how our society operates and are important for everyone to be able to see them, but hardly anyone does.  And that they are so important we might easily solve some huge problems of the day by simply being able to see what's hidden. 

Plus I want to point out it's sometimes confusing when words have two meanings, so please give me some benefit of the doubt if while trying to persuade you into seeing the 3D horse you don't focus too much on the obvious horse but instead try with me to see the hidden horse.

The first problem at pointing out hidden objects is to show there is indeed objects in the picture that are hidden .  For without that it's just a theory.  So one needs to know there is something worth looking for before putting the effort into looking.  And that will be my first objective.

But perhaps in order to make this fun, pretend what I'm going to tell you is fantasy.  One of those utopian fantasies where you go along with the author simply because he's going to paint you a pretty picture and once the story is over you stop and return to the real world.  Yes, let's pretend things I'm saying are fantasy, and don't bother looking up the references, history or names I quote.  For, "It is the mark of an educated mind to be able to entertain a thought without accepting it." - Aristotle.

Jay Mock

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